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(Collector of Taxes)
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Collection of taxes in Baltimore was first formalized in 1782 when the Special Commissioners were authorized to appoint a collector. ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1814-1860 City Tax Accounts Journal accounts of the collector relating to assessments owed and paid. Includes page references to and from general property tax books (RG.4, series 1), name of taxpayer, assessed value of property, and total taxes owed and presumably paid. BCA BRG40-1
Sub Series Details 1798-1852 Accounts of Taxes Collected Includes cash book, 1798-1805; ledger, 1846-52; and journal, 1846-52. All record sums received from various taxes. BCA BRG40-2
Sub Series Details 1842 Income Tax Assessments BCA BRG40-3
Sub Series Details 1797 List of Taxables List generated by a special tax levied on carriages, horses, carts, sulkies, wagons, riding chairs, and billiard tables. Includes names of 432 persons, type of object taxed, and the amount assessed. See published list in Richard J. Cox, "Baltimore City 1797 Special Tax List," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 66 (September ...More

Sub Series Details 1804-1849 Accounts of Taxes Owed Related group of volumes including a ledger arranged first by taxpayer and separately by street address, ca. 1804-18; ledger listing taxpayers from A to J, 1818; and a distraint (property seizure) ledger covering the years 1845- 48. BCA BRG40-5
Sub Series Details 1873-1882, 1889-1898 City Expenditures Covered by Tax Levies Accounts of funds raised through taxes and spent by city agencies with listings of funds requested and appropriated by individual agencies. BCA BRG40-6
Sub Series Details 1842-1843, 1848-1849 Miscellaneous Correspondence and Reports Correspondence, reports, claims for unpaid taxes, and one notebook showing monies received for the year 1842. The majority of these items concern the determination of the amount assessable property in the city as the basis for taxation. Other correspondence of the collector can be found in RG. 5, series 1. ...More

Sub Series Details 1915-1962 Bureau of Receipts, Tax Sale Surveys Surveys of property for sale because of non-payment of taxes. Includes descriptions of the land and maps. Records available on microfilm only (BCA 1753-59) BCA BRG40-8
Sub Series Details 1917-1969 Bureau of Collections, Tax Sale Index Cards Cards that provide information about properties sold for non-payment of taxes. Each card includes the street address, the ward, section, block, and lot numbers, the date, and the purchaser of the property. Records are available on microfilm only (BCA 5045-46). BCA BRG40-9