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(Miscellaneous Administrative Records)
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This is an artificial record group, created to bring together documents representing the costs of municipal government. Undoubtedly the collection ...More

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Sub Series Details 1798-1925 Reports and Returns By far the most varied series in this record group, the reports and returns cover the wide spectrum of municipal functions and responsibilities. The assurance of the safety and good health of the city's residents is represented by the reports of a variety of inspectors (e.g. of butter and lard, ...More

Sub Series Details 1807-1939 Bonds Documents representing the payment of monies for surety of perfrmance of obligations. These bonds fall roughly into four categories: 1) for city officials or employees - harbor master, city collector, assayer of silver, superintendent of chimney sweeps, collector of refuse materials, city librarian, lamplighters, gauger of casks, school board principals, ...More

Sub Series Details 1811-1923 Bills, Vouchers, Checks, and Payrolls Documents representing the finances of the municipal government's routine transactions. Bills are present in large quantities, often with several hundred grouped under a single HRS number. The city incurred charges for a wide variety of items and services including printing, paving, killing dogs, fire plugs, wharves, equipment and supplies, quarantines, ...More

Sub Series Details 1825-1917 Insurance Policies Expired insurance policies taken out in the name of the mayor and city council. The majority are for fire insurance, guarding against loss or damage to a variety of City-owned buildings and equipment (Bay-View Asylum, police stations, fire engine houses, dredging machines, markets, City Hall, tugboats, and school buildings). This ...More

Sub Series Details 1815-1921 Court Records Legal documents and related materials generated in various courts in the city and state systems representing both issues involving the municipal government and those between private parties. Types of documents included are bills of complaint, arrest warrants, promissory notes, extracts from court dockets, opinions and appeal decisions, lists of expenses ...More

Sub Series Details 1807-1927 Miscellaneous Administrative Papers This is an artificial series, composed of documents which the Historical Records Survey was unable to relate satisfactorily to other groups of material within its annual numerical sequences. Correspondence, reports, regulations, legal documents, lists, tax bills, minutes, leases, drafts of resolutions, broadsides and publications, petitions, registrations and licenses for boats, and ...More