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The Baltimore City markets are under the control of the city comptroller, but for convenience they are described as a ...More

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Sub Series Details 1818-1955 Market Rents and Licenses Rents and license records constitute one of two types of financial records generated by the markets. The second type, reports and returns, are in series 2. Rent and license records were kept both by the individual market clerks and by the comptroller's office. Both sets of records are in this ...More

Sub Series Details 1842-1844, 1854-1859, 1917 Market Reports and Returns Market clerks were required to make monthly and quarterly reports on the income from each market. These reports and returns were compiled for the mayor and city council and most of them were collected into a separate record group, RG 41, by the HRS staff. A few were processed and indexed ...More

Sub Series Details 1904-1908 Centre Market Commission Minutes The commission was created by ord. 157 (1904) to build and equip market houses in the centre market space which burned in the 1904 fire. The three major buildings built by the commission were the wholesale fish market, the wholesale produce market, and a retail market building housing the evening ...More

Sub Series Details 1916-1948 Plats of Markets Plats of various city markets showing market's location in relation to city streets and the location of the numbered market stalls. Markets included are: Belair, Center, Cross Street, Fells Point, Hanover, Hollins, Lafayette, Lexington, North East, and Richmond. Available on microfilm only (BCA 1429). BCA BRG42-4
Sub Series Details 1949 Lexington Market Authority, Trust Indenture This series contains a copy of the trust indenture, dated November 1, 1949, entered into by the Lexington Market Authority and the Union Trust Company of Maryland for the issuance of revenue bonds by the Authority. The purpose of the bond issue was three-fold: 1) to eliminate unsafe and unsanitary ...More

Sub Series Details 1934-1951 Ledger Accounts These ledger accounts are primarily records of rental of individual stalls in the various markets, for the year 1951. The ledger cards for each stall record the name of the market; space number; type of stall; annual charges; effective date; permit holders' name, address, and telephone number; fee assessments and ...More

Sub Series Details 1896-1907 Bureau of Markets This series is comprised of ledgers showing status of stalls in the various markets. Within ledgers, stalls are arranged according to number. Information provided includes identification number and kind of stall, name of license holder, transfers, rent and license fees and remarks. BCA BRG42-7