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This department has undergone many changes since its creation in 1857, but its basic function to supervise the financial matters ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1857-1923 Journals Annual records of money brought in and paid out by the city register. These funds are broken down by city agency up to 1897; after that the monthly entries are shortened to one figure except in January and December. BCA BRG43-1
Sub Series Details 1857-1920 Ledgers One volume per year. This is the final record of money brought in and paid out by the city register. It is organized by agency, and there are monthly entries for amounts spent for functions such as public schools, garbage, and opening streets. BCA BRG43-2
Sub Series Details 1887-1923 Cash Books A daily record of cash received and paid out. Until 1903 there is no listing of from whom the money was received and to whom it was credited. The city register's cash books are much more detailed. BCA BRG43-3
Sub Series Details 1925-1951 Monthly Statements These statements were published at the end of each month first by the bureau of disbursements and later by the comptroller's bureau of accounts and disbursements. It was a statement of appropriations and revenue accounts and was broken down by these accounts. These statements are currently produced by the department ...More

Sub Series Details 1876-1890, 1920-1928 Appropriations Ledger These ledgers record how much was appropriated and how much of the appropriation was used. Currently appropriations ledgers are retained fifteen years and destroyed since the information is available in other forms. BCA BRG43-5
Sub Series Details Land Records Indexes to deeds of property owned by the mayor and city council, 1854-1904, providing a synopsis of the deed. There also is one volume of property acquired by tax sale, 1889-1926. A group of twentieth century land records are available on microfilm: an undated land ledger which records each piece ...More

Sub Series Details 1905-1924 HRS Indexed Records This group of records is only a small part of the comptroller's administrative files, but these are apparently the only extant records from this period (for later files see RG 36). These files consist of correspondence concerning the Burnt District Commission (1905), the lease of conduit space (1914-16), the sale ...More

Sub Series Details 1943 Ground Rents Index This listing, revised to January 1, 1943, contains all ground rents payable on city property as of that date. The index contains the location, payer, type of property (e.g. Civic Center, City Hall, schools, stables, viaducts, engine houses), frequency of payments, rate per period and per year, and the title ...More