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(Municipal Harbor Belt Railroad)
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The Municipal Harbor Belt Railroad was constructed by the municipal government on the perimeter of the upper harbor for hauling ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1913-1966 General Files Correspondence, memos, copies of agreements, and notes on construction, maintenance, and operation of the Municipal Harbor Belt Railroad. Topics include regulations concerning cars left standing on sidings, construction details, operating agreements, abandonment of track, and leasing of the track to the Pennsylvania Railroad. BCA BRG44-1
Sub Series Details 1921-1944 Operating Statements Carbon copies of financial statements showing monthly operating expenses and total engine hours and cars handled, daily records of the number of loaded and empty cars handled, and monthly accounts of the number of cars separated between private and team tracks. Daily records of number of cars handled and monthly ...More

Sub Series Details 1921-1926 Operating Committee Records Minutes of operating committee meetings (1921-26) and correspondence relative to the establishment of the committee which consisted of the city's highway engineer and one representative each from the Baltimore and Ohio, Western Maryland, and Pennsylvania railroads. BCA BRG44-3