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(City Hall Construction Records)
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A number of different buildings housed Baltimore's municipal government prior to the Civil War. By 1867, however, it was determined ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1867-1875 City Hall Construction Records Mostly correspondence from contractors concerning bids. Other records include contracts, bonds, reports, bills, and receipts for all phases of construction. See separate item index at the Baltimore City Archives. BCA BRG49-1
Sub Series Details 1869-1975 Ledgers Record of financial transactions relating to the building of City Hall. Accounts are divided between non-construction, general construction, materials sales, salaries, equipment and supplies, and miscellaneous expenditures. A name index is provided for volume one only. BCA BRG49-2
Sub Series Details 1867-1868 Minutes Handwritten minutes of weekly and monthly meetings of the Building Committee for the New City Hall. The minutes are brief and concern general organizational matters, such as the election of a secretary, superintendent, and architect for the committee. The minutes also discuss the progress of the committee in the proposed ...More

Sub Series Details 1870-1875 Building Committee Record Books These volumes contain records of the committee's progress in constructing the City Hall. The records consist of minutes, superintendent's reports, bills approved for payment, construction contract accounts, salary accounts, and materials and labor reports relating to the building of the new City Hall. BCA BRG49-4