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(Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals)
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The present board is an outgrowth of a long municipal concern with the problems of the city's development and expansion. ...More

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Sub Series Details 1930 Minutes Minutes of the weekly meetings of the board of municipal and zoning appeals and its predecessor, the board of zoning appeals. These are primarily a record of their decisions concerning appeals. Two sets of minutes are maintained, one for zoning appeals and one for real estate and miscellaneous appeals. These ...More

Sub Series Details 1949 Annual Reports Annual reports recording statistics on both zoning and real estate appeals. The zoning reports include information on the number of appeals heard and pending, the types of questions appealed, conventional uses, and the appeals carried beyond the board into the Baltimore City Court. Real estate reports, covering all non-zoning appeals ...More

Sub Series Details 1931-2010 Zoning Appeal Case Files Records relating to each individual appeal heard by the board and its predecessor, the board of zoning appeals, from its reconstitution in 1931 to the present time. A typical file contains a notice of appeal filed; a copy of the actual appeal; data and status sheets; a copy of the ...More

Sub Series Details 1923 Ordinance Reports Files maintained on proposed ordinances sent by the city council to the board of municipal and zoning appeals and the board of zoning appeals for review and comment. The materials retained concerning each bill, assigned a file number when it is received by the BMZA, include correspondence, a copy of ...More

Sub Series Details 1923 Correspondence Files Newspaper clippings, correspondence, audit reports, memos, transcripts of related proceedings (such as condemnation), publications, schedules of hearings, photographs, reports, drawings and plats, notes and working papers, and other miscellaneous adminstrative materials generated by the board of zoning appeals and the BMZA. This is primarily a subject file with the addition ...More

Sub Series Details 1958-1959 Land Use Atlas Series of four atlases showing existing land use, showing every property in the City. Alterations are pasted on. Atlas begins in Northwest corner of the City in rows from west to east, and ends in the Southeast corner. BCA BRG53-6
Sub Series Details 1962-1968 Zoning Ordinance Recommendations Recommendations on different new zoning ordinances BCA BRG53-7