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Civil War Records
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During the Civil War Baltimore's municipal government offered a series of bounties for the enlistment of troops in the United ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1861-1866 Administrative Records Requisitions for supplies, receipts for expenditures, inventories of goods, cancelled checks for various Expenditures, lists of bounty claims, requests for equipment, claims allowances, absentees and deserters lists, and other various records related to the general administration of the military in Baltimore. Separate item index available. BCA BRG56-1
Sub Series Details 1862-1863 Uniform Bonds Bonds for the acquisition of uniforms providing soldier's name, rank, and company. Regiments represented include the Fifty-third Regiment, Baltimore City Guards, and the Washington Light Infantry. Separate item index available. BCA BRG56-2
Sub Series Details 1862-1867 Bounty Applications Applications for bounties providing name of soldier, wife's name, address, soldier's company, date of enlistment, and number of children under the age of fourteen years. Regiments represented include Alexander's Battery, Baltimore Light Infantry, Delaware Volunteers, Dix Light Infantry, Patapsco Home Guards, Purnell's Legion, First and Eastern Shore Home Guards, First ...More

Sub Series Details 1862-1867 Bounty Correspondence Correspondence about the subjects of relief money, bounty certificates, receipts for payments, absentees, requests for relief by spouses, presentations of claims, and legal rulings on these subjects. Separate item index available. Several non-indexed items are included at the end of this series. BCA BRG56-4
Sub Series Details 1862, 1864, 1866 Bounty Payments Records of bounty certificates surrendered and paid. Separate item index available. BCA BRG56-5
Sub Series Details 1862-1864, 1866 Enlistment Certificates Certificates of enlistment with soldier's names, regiment, and residence. Regiments represented include Purnell's Cavalry, Baltimore Battery Light Artillery, First Cavalry, First through Eighth and Tenth through Eleventh Maryland Regiments, Second Eastern Shore Maryland Regiment, and Maryland Volunteers. Separate item index available. BCA BRG56-6
Sub Series Details 1862-1867 Muster Rolls Records of soldiers belonging to various regiments including the Alexander's Battery, First and Second Eastern Shore Regiment, Purnell's Cavalry, First Maryland Light Artillery, First through Third Maryland Cavalry, First through Sixth, Eighth, Tenth, and Eleventh Maryland Regiments, Fourth Regiment of U.S. Colored Troops, Wisconsin Fourth Cavalry, First, Fifth, and Tenth ...More

Sub Series Details 1864-1867 Discharges Discharges with soldier's name, rank, regiment, dates of enlistment and discharge, reason for discharge, place of birth, age, and height and other physical characteristics. Regiments represented include First, Third and Seventh Maryland Cavalry, First through Fifth, Seventh through Ninth, Eleventh, Thirteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, and Thirty-ninth Maryland Regiments, Purnell's Legion, Alexander's Battery, ...More

Sub Series Details 1863 Oaths of Lost Certificates Forms with soldier's name, company, and certification by company's officer regarding the misplacing of bounty certificates. Separate item index available. BCA BRG56-9
Sub Series Details 1863 Railroad Passes Records of passage granted to soldiers and their relatives. Separate item index available. BCA BRG56-10
Sub Series Details 1865 List of Bounty Payments Miscellaneous list of payments with names of payee, dates of payment, and amount of payment. No indication of regiment or compiler of volume is available. BCA BRG56-11
Sub Series Details 1865-1866 Death Benefit Claims Requests for payment of death benefits by relatives, usually soldier's wife. Separate item index available. One non-indexed item is included at the end of this series. BCA BRG56-12
Sub Series Details 1865-1867 Power of Attorney Forms Forms to give power of attorney for the collection of bounties from the municipal government. Name of soldier and regiment, soldier's legal representative, and date of agreement. Separate item index available. BCA BRG56-13
Sub Series Details 1867 Enlistment Identifications and Death Certificates Certificates attesting to the rank and regiment of soldiers and letters regarding the deaths of soldiers probably for bounty claims. Separate item index available. BCA BRG56-14