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Street Improvement Records
1828-1924, 1953-1974
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Baltimore's original 1730 survey consisted of several streets in a traditional grid pattern. As the town slowly expanded streets were ...More

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Date Series Name Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1828-1924, 1953-1974 Opening and Closing Streets Books Series of volumes relating to municipal improvements of streets, lanes, and alleys within the city boundaries. For each improvement project (usually a section of one street between two cross streets) there is a separate volume containing a description of the property to be worked on, copies of public notices, and ...More

Sub Series Details 1905-1913 Minutes Official minutes of the commissioners of opening streets including inquiries by individuals regarding street improvements and listings of actions taken in the opening and closing of streets. There are also references to properties sold and transactions with other city agencies. BCA BRG58-2
Sub Series Details 1911-1915 Permits for Opening Improved Paving Record of permissions granted to Consolidated Gas, Electrical Light and Power Company, United Railways, Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, and various municipal agencies to excavate paved streets and sidewalks. Each permit contains information relating to name of party, description of work, location of work site, charges and date paid, and ...More

Sub Series Details 1884-1893 Ledger Financial accounts relating to expenses incurred from opening and closing streets and related activities of the commissioners. BCA BRG58-4
Sub Series Details 1882-1887 Ordinances Relating to Street Openings and Closings Transcribed copies with name and subject index. BCA BRG58-5
Sub Series Details 1900-1924 HRS Index Records Assorted records relating to opening and closing streets. Principal types of materials are certificates of damages, surrender of properties, receipts for damages, and title certificates. These items usually include name of property owner and the location of property by street, block, and lot. There is a large body of material ...More

Sub Series Details 1812-1813 Minutes, Board of Assessors The Maryland General Assembly created this Board of Assessors in November 1811, to determine the benefits and damages of the opening and extension of Pratt Street, in the City of Baltimore. This volume contains the minutes of the Board of Assessors for Pratt Street, which consist of a list of ...More

Sub Series Details 1868-1904 Street Books Information concerning street work.  Includes the name of the street, the approval date of the ordinance, and expenses related to the work, including damages, benefits, and other costs. There is an index in each volume. See Series 4 for similar material.   BCA BRG58-8