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(Bureau of Treasury Management)
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The Bureau of Treasury Management, part of the Department of Finance, was organized in 1964. It is responsible for all ...More

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Sub Series Details Tax Sale Docket Books Record of the sale of property for delinquent taxes. Each docket begins with an index arranged alphabetically according to street names. Entries include name of assessed person, purchaser's name, assessment, breakdown of costs, sale price, and final disposition of the deed. The first sixty-six pages of Docket 13 are on ...More

Sub Series Details Register of Minor Privileges Master list of all minor privileges granted. Entries contain the minor privilege number, location, type of privilege granted (such as for signs, steps, brick veneer), name of person to whom privilege was granted, first year's charge and any subsequent charges, pertinent remarks, and an indication of whether the privilege is ...More

Sub Series Details Defunct Banks Escheat Funds The defunct bank escheat funds are records of unclaimed funds of defunct banks. When a bank was liquidated receivers were appointed by the Circuit Court to locate depositors or free shareholders to pay them a pro rata share of the funds received from the Receivers based upon the amount of ...More