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Series Name Description Link MSA Citation
Sub Series Details Query File BCA BRG76-1
Sub Series Details Topic File Files accumulated by previous City Archivists relating to specific topics relating to Baltimore, the Archives, and history. BCA BRG76-2
Sub Series Details WPA Historical Records Survey Name Index BCA BRG76-3
Sub Series Details WPA Historical Records Survey Topic Index Card index to topics cataloged in the WPA Historical Record Survey. Researchers should consult this index as well as the related name index in order to access records incorporated into the Historical Records Survey. BCA BRG76-4
Sub Series Details WPA Historical Records Survey Chronological Inventories BCA BRG76-5
Sub Series Details Index to Records, Plats, Atlases, and Miscellaneous Drawings at the Baltimore City Archives Link BCA BRG76-6
Sub Series Details Map Inventory, chronological with two different street and name indexes, and a listing by drawer of oversized maps and documents Link BCA BRG76-7