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The municipal government of 1796 was modeled after the Federal Constitution with a two-branch legislature (City Council) and an independent ...More

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Sub Series Details 1797-1802 Calhoun Correspondence to the City Counsel Formal communications, messages, and memos sent by Mayor James Calhoun to the first and second branches of the City Council. Subjects include health concerns, erection of a hospital, Mayor's approval or disapproval of ordinances, suggestions for council legislation, watching and lighting of the city, dredging of the harbor, prevention of ...More

Sub Series Details 1797-1923 Mayor's Correspondence All varieties of correspondence. The large majority of items are addressed to individual Mayors, with regularly appearing outgoing letters. Subjects cover most aspects of city government including taxation, licensing, ordinances and resolutions, public health, schools, property ownership, litigation, railroads, claims against the city, proposals, charitable enterprises, opening and closing streets, ...More

Sub Series Details 1885-1900 Miscellaneous Incoming Mayoral Correspondence Letters, petitions, telegrams, reports, and memos addressed to individual Mayors. These records were left out of the HRS survey, because they were either discovered at a later date or were maintained separately. There is, however, no readily discernable difference in form or content between this material and that of similar ...More

Sub Series Details 1885-1900 Miscellaneous Outgoing Mayoral Correspondence Contains mostly letterpress copies, although some originals are included. Topics cover political appointments, approval or disapproval of ordinances and resolutions, replies to an assortment of citizen's complaints, communications to city agencies, and reguests for information from other municipalities. Much of the material was created by subordinates representing the Mayor. See ...More

Sub Series Details 1890-1896 Police Marshal Frey, Incoming Correspondence Communications to Frey from district police captains concerning various arrest cases and fines. Possibly forwarded to the Mayor for his consideration in instances where those arrested requested a remittance of a fine. Items separated from material described in Series 3. BCA BRG9-5
Sub Series Details 1884-1896 General Correspondence Letters, notes, and reports. Items are related to Mayor's Office, but were not sent or received by it directly. The material probably was forwarded individually to the Mayor's Office by other city offices for reference. A wide assortment of subjects are covered, including personal concerns, professional opinions, the Topographical Survey ...More

Sub Series Details 1883-1900 Fragments Separated papers and fragments of correspondence, reports, and other material. Items were removed from records in Series 3. BCA BRG9-7
Sub Series Details 1895-1896 Mayor Alcaeus Hooper, Inspector of Gas and Illuminating Oils Reports Weekly statistical summaries of oils used in city street lights; all items are addressed to Mayor Hooper. Includes "the average of the observations on the illuminating power and chemical purity of the illuminating gas supplied by the Consolidated Gas-Light Company," along with flash temperatures and densities of oil samples procured ...More

Sub Series Details 1896 Mayor Alcaeus Hooper, Health Department Reports All items are "sanitary reports" by George H. Everhart concerning Baltimore area water supplies. Includes studies of Towson, Potts Spring, Paterson's Run, Loch Raven tributaries, Western Run, Beaver Dam Stream, Gunpowder River, Albins Run, George's Run, and tributaries of Lake Roland. Also includes information on geographic situation and general sanitary ...More

Sub Series Details 1837-1900 Assorted Printed Items Various flyers, Mayoral Office forms, legislative acts, patents, bank statements, magazine reprints, and "catalogue of iron cells for Calabooses and Police Stations." All items separated from material described in Series 3. BCA BRG9-10
Sub Series Details 1890-1896 Transcript Copies of Ordinances and Resolutions Possibly Mayor's reference copies of pending legislation in the City Council. Removed from items described in Series 3. BCA BRG9-11
Sub Series Details 1895-1900 Assorted Mayoral Records Variety of singular items associated with Mayor's Office. Includes financial calculations, list of vaccine physicians, electric lighting specifications, legal opinions, lists of city officer nominations, "Conditions of Loans, July 8, 1896," "Facts about Bush St. Sewer," "Location of Public Drinking Fountains in Baltimore, 1896," "Statements of the City Account," and ...More

Sub Series Details 1904-1907 Timanus Administrative Files Incoming and outgoing letters, legal papers and opinions, agency reports, accounts of agency expenditures, invitations, petitions, and printed material. Among subjects covered are general information requests; city procurement of goods and services; municipal ice and tug boats; complaints; renovation of sections burnt in February 1904 fire; September 1906 jubilee; applications ...More

Sub Series Details 1907-1911 Mahool Administrative Files Majority of items are incoming and outgoing letters, although agency reports, invitations, legal papers and petitions are included as well. Subjects include assorted conventions and meetings; charity and charity organizations; 1910 "West Segregation Ordinance"; investigations and audits of city agencies; appointments to commissions; paving, grading, and opening of streets; 1908 ...More

Sub Series Details 1911-1919 Preston Administrative Files Incoming and outgoing letters constitute the bulk of the material with agency reports, printed material, and legal papers included as well. Subjects include assorted political controversies, the First World, city and national activities, construction, improvement and extention of city streets, construction of Loch Raven Dam, various civic contests, erection of ...More

Sub Series Details 1919-1923 Broening Administrative Files (first term) Mostly incoming and outgoing letters. Also includes agency reports, printed items, and financial statements. Among subjects covered are applications and recommendations for employment, port and harbor concerns, erection of monuments and memorials, public health, patriotic and holiday celebrations, laws and regulations, publications, insurance coverage, and schools. Agencies freguently mentioned are ...More

Sub Series Details 1923-1927 Jackson Administrative Files Although legal documents, agency reports, printed material, speeches, and minutes are abundantly represented, this series mostly contains incoming and outgoing correspondence. Subjects covered are commericial promotions of the city, the World Court, assorted celebrations and commemorations, strike against the city by local contract labor, street traffic, laws and regulations, public ...More

Sub Series Details 1927-1931 Broening Administrative Files (second term) Although incoming and outgoing letters constitute most of the material, legal documents, printed material, and speeches are included as well. Subjects include applications and recommendations for employment, stray dog control, municipal relations with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, assorted public works projects, various celebrations, proposed use ...More

Sub Series Details 1931-1935 Jackson Administrative Files (second term) Incoming and outgoing letters comprise the bulk of the material along with agency reports, legal documents, printed material, and speeches. Among the subjects covered are various local, state, and national economic recovery and relief efforts, applications and recommendations for city employment, establishment and operation of the Walters Art Gallery, patriotic ...More

Sub Series Details 1935-1939 Jackson Administrative Files (third term) Speeches, legal documents, printed material, and reports with the great majority of items incoming or outgoing letters. Among subjects covered are city unemployment and emergency relief programs, applications and recommendations for employment, airport construction, unionization of municipal employees, relief cases, personnel recommendations, and Jackson political campaigns and speeches. City organizations ...More

Sub Series Details 1939-1943 Jackson Administrative Files (fourth term) Incoming and outgoing correspondence make up most of this material, with reports, speeches, legal documents, and printed material also represented. Subjects covered include applications and recommendations for employment, U.S. Conference of Mayors, city-state relations, airport matters, city planning, city wartime activities and civil defense, administrative recommendations and appointments, and public ...More

Sub Series Details 1943-1947 McKeldin Administrative Files (first term) Incoming and outgoing letters with reports, legal documents, minutes, and printed material. Subjects include airport matters, planning activities, black war worker housing projects, proposed automobile expressways, urban renewal, city legal matters, Mayoral proclamations, proposed Chesapeake and city harbor bridges, Civil Defense activities, municipal stadium, and assorted improvement projects. City agencies ...More

Sub Series Details 1947-1959 D'Alesandro, Jr. Administrative Files Incoming and outgoing letters with minutes, printed materials, legal documents, and speeches. Topics include airport matters, public housing, urban renewal, labor strikes, budgetary concerns, veterans benefits, Civic Center construction, traffic regulation, race relations, appointments of municipal government officials, highway and street construction, hospitals, relations with state and federal authorities, city ...More

Sub Series Details 1959-1963 Grady-Goodman Administrative Files These files are from the administration of J. Harold Grady (May 1959 - December 1962) and Philip Goodman (December 1962 - May 1963). Incoming and outgoing letters comprise most of the material with reports, minutes, legal documents, speeches and printed material represented in smaller amounts. Subjects include Friendship International Airport ...More

Sub Series Details 1963-1967 McKeldin Administrative Files (second term) Incoming and outgoing letters with minutes, committee reports, speeches, and legislation. Subjects include appointments, architectural preservation, City Hall renovation, civil rights, Anti-Poverty Program, Community Renewal Program, Concentrated Employment Program, Congress of Racial Equality, Target City, presidential election, Jones Falls Expressway Design Committee, food market strikes, City Jail, proposed changes in ...More

Sub Series Details 1967-1971 D'Alesandro III Administrative Files Inter-departmental memos and correspondence constitute the majority of the records. Reports, speeches, minutes, legislation, and incoming and outgoing letters are the bulk of the remaining material. The administrative files of Mayor Thomas J. D'Alesandro III reflect, in their arrangement and content, two major themes: decentralization of the municipal government and ...More

Sub Series Details 1801-1971 Printed Mayoral Material This series consists of printed material, some of which is also duplicated in the Baltimore City Department of Legislative Reference Library, Maryland Historical Society, and the Maryland Department of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. The two major types of printed records created by the Mayor's Office are the annual messages ...More

Sub Series Details 1871-1907 Mayoral Letterbooks Manuscript and letterbook copies of outgoing letters. Some volumes are indexed. BCA BRG9-28
Sub Series Details 1797-1899 City Appointees Primarily city appointees and nominees. Also includes mayoral proclamations, communications with the City Council, election returns, list of City Council Members and other officers of the corporation. Some volumes are indexed. BCA BRG9-29
Sub Series Details 1862-1962 Oath Books Manuscript and printed oaths signed by appointees, lists of appointees and dates of appointments. Some volumes are indexed. 1899 through 1962 are on microfilm. BCA BRG9-30
Sub Series Details 1873-1879 Permit and Complaint Books Complaints received and permits granted by the Mayor's Office. BCA BRG9-31
Sub Series Details 1844-1875 Mayor's Record Books Primarily manuscript copies of outgoing letters and communications with the City Council. Also included are appointments, proclamations, election returns, ward boundaries, list of ordinances and resolutions, and newspaper clippings. BCA BRG9-32
Sub Series Details 1912-1918 Visitors Book Chronological lists of names of visitors to the Mayor's Office. BCA BRG9-33
Sub Series Details 1911-1935 Mayoral Campaigns Campaign scrapbooks of James H. Preston and documents of Howard W. Jackson and his supporters during the 1935 campaign. BCA BRG9-34
Sub Series Details 1860-1919 General Mayoral Records Miscellany of volumes maintained by the Mayor's Office. Includes lists of ordinances, Annual Report of the Sewerage Commission, fine book, and minutes of the Committee to Superintend Erection of City Hall. BCA BRG9-35
Sub Series Details 1880-1915 Mayoral Records Indexes Indexes maintained by the Mayor's Office pertaining to correspondence and administrative files. Indexes to Mayor Broening's second term are on microfilm (BCA 200-201). BCA BRG9-36
Sub Series Details 1904-1905 General Public Improvement Conference Records Mayor E. Clay Timanus was instrumental in the establishment and operation of this organization. Soon after the founding of the conference in December of 1904, Timanus appointed several commissions to investigate various types of municipal improvements, including: a new central police station, fire-fighting equipment, private and public streets, schools, sewers ...More

Sub Series Details 1952-1986 Personnel Appointments (Non-Civil Service) Personnel-related records concerning staff of the Mayor's Office who received non-Civil Service appointments. Mayoral administrations represented are: Thomas J. D'Alesandro, Jr., J. Harold Grady, Philip H. Goodman, Theodore R. McKeldin, Thomas J. D'Alesandro, III, William Donald Schaefer, and Clarence "Du" Burns. Various types of documentation appear including correspondence, certifications of ...More

Sub Series Details 1971-1986 Mayor's Newspaper Clippings Newspaper clippings on a wide variety of subjects concerning Mayor William Donald Schaefer, the City of Baltimore, as well as other Baltimore City officials, employees, citizens, and groups. Highlighted are city events, places, landmarks, personalities, sports, recreation, etc.. The bulk of the clippings are from the period 1974-1978. Newspapers represented ...More

Sub Series Details 1817 Mayor George Stiles Correspondence All items in this series relate to the June 2, 1817 visit to Baltimore by President James Monroe as part of his national tour. Three letters make up this series: one from Mayor Stiles to the City Council detailing plans for the visit; another from Stiles officially welcoming Monroe; and ...More

Sub Series Details 1897-1899 Mayor William T. Malster Scrapbooks Scrapbooks generated prior to and during the administration of Mayor William T. Malster. The books contain articles from local newspapers. The period covered includes the election campaign of 1897 through the end of Malster's term as mayor in November 1899. BCA BRG9-41
Sub Series Details 1962-1992 Mayor William Donald Schaefer The official papers of Mayor William Donald Schaefer to which there is a topical index prepared by Rebecca Gunby. The index is to the box numbers listed in the box column of the guide to series 42 of BCA BRG49. The Gunby Topical Index is also available as a searchable ...More

Sub Series Details 1987 Mayor Clarence "Du" Burns Papers of Clarence "Du" Burns . Clarence "Du" Burns (Born Clarence Henry Burns), 1918-2003) Burns was Baltimore's first African American city council president and its first African American mayor. He was first elected to the Baltimore City Council in 1971, serving as a member for the 2nd District and council president ...More

Sub Series Details 1987-1999 Mayor Kurt Schmoke Papers of Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke [NOTE: material that was transferred from the Schmoke administration is slated for appraisal and description starting in January 2015. Contact the Baltimore City Archives or bookmark this page for updates.] Processing Note (Anthony Freeman, Deputy Records Manager): Records arrived at the archives in no logical ...More

Sub Series Details 1999-2007 Mayor Martin O'Malley The Mayoral Papers of Martin O'Malley have not been transferred to the Baltimore City Archives. Some files relating to O'Malley's service on the City Council are held in BRG16, Series 19 BCA BRG9-45
Sub Series Details 2007-2010 Mayor Sheila Dixon The Mayoral Papers of Sheila Dixon have not been transferred to the Baltimore City Archives. BCA BRG9-46