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Case files of equity proceedings heard by the county court and circuit court. Documents include bills of complaint, petitions, answers, ...More

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Date Description Links Location MdHR Number MSA Citation
Details 1815 Joseph Stone vs. Lewis Ford, John F. Ford, and Mary Ford. Estate of Joseph Ford - Brittens Outlet, Leonardtown lots 01/57/09/039 19,731-1-1/10 MSA C1591-1
Details 1815 Lewis Ford vs. Aloysius Thompson, James A. Thompson, John Mattingly, and Mary Mattingly. Estates of Ignatius Thompson and Joseph Ford - White Acre 01/57/09/039 19,731-2-1/2 MSA C1591-2
Details 1815 Alexander Fenwick vs. Priscilla Lynch and William Lynch. Mortgage foreclosure on Piney Point 01/57/09/039 19,731-3-1/2 MSA C1591-3
Details 1815 Benedict Carbury, William Carbury, Henry Carbury, Uriah Carbury, Leonard Howard, and Eleanor Howard. Estate of Peter Carbury 01/57/09/039 19,731-4 MSA C1591-4
Details 1815 James Hopewell vs. William C. Somervell, Henry V. Somervell, and Ann E. Plater. Estate of William Somervell - Brough, Hogs Confusion 01/57/09/039 19,731-5 MSA C1591-5
Details 1815 Nicholas Carberry and Rose A. Carberry vs. Mary Millard, Mildred Millard, James Walker, Harriet Walker, Joseph Walker, Ann Walker, and Jeremiah Boothe. Estate of Bennet Walker - Yielding Berry 01/57/09/039 19,731-6-1/8 MSA C1591-6
Details 1816 Robert Bean vs. Barton Lynch, John Lynch, and Thomas Lynch. Estate of Stephen Lynch - Frogs Marsh 01/57/09/039 19,731-7-1/6 MSA C1591-7
Details 1816 8: Basil Bowling vs. Henderson S. Boteler, Suzanna Boteler, John Hawkins, John T. Washington, Suzanna T. Washington, Olivia Washington, Patsey Washington, Amelia Washington, Millicent Washington, William Washington, and Daniel Washington. Estate of George F. Hawkins - Trent Neck. 01/57/09/039 19,731-8-1/9 MSA C1591-8
Details 1816 Philip Key vs. Esther Burroughs, Jesse C. Burroughs, Joseph Burroughs, John A. Burroughs, Aquila Burroughs, Eleanor Burroughs, Mary Burroughs, Jeremiah Hammett, and Margaret Hammett. Deed for Weston, Miltons Addition 01/57/09/040 19,731-9 MSA C1591-9
Details 1816 1 [11]: Arthur Thompson vs. Mary Millard, James Walker, Harriet Walker, Joseph Walker, Ann Walker, Jeremiah Booth, and Ann Booth. Estate of Joseph Walker - Thompsons Expence 01/57/09/040 19,731-10 MSA C1591-10
Details 1817 James Hebb vs. Mary Ennis, Nancy Ennis, and heirs of Willoughby Nugent. Estate of Elizabeth Baxter - Piney Point 01/57/09/040 19,731-11-1/2 MSA C1591-11
Details 1817 2: William Hebb and Ann Matilda Hebb. Estate of Ann Taylor - Number Six, Nowells Fancy, Race Ground, Good Luck 01/57/09/040 19,731-12 MSA C1591-12
Details 1817 13: Bennett Gough vs. Janet Thompson, Barzillai Thompson, John W. Thompson, Maria Thompson, William Thompson, Henry Thompson, James Thompson, John Thompson, and Richard Thompson. Estate of James Thompson 01/57/09/040 19,731-13-1/15 MSA C1591-13
Details 1817 17: John Aud vs. Joshua Watts. Estate of John Raley 01/57/09/040 19,731-14 MSA C1591-14
Details 1817 Zachariah Mattingly vs. Joseph Ford. Deed for St. Giles, Pomfrets Fields 01/57/09/040 19,731-15 MSA C1591-15
Details 1818 15: William C. Somervell and Henry V. Somervell vs. Benjamin Bean, Eliza Bean, James Cox, Henry Cox, Polly Cox, Francis Lendin, and Nancy Lendin. Estate of George Cox - Hardship 01/57/09/040 19,731-16 MSA C1591-16
Details 1818 2a [22]: Henry V. Somerville vs. John Lynch, Thomas Lynch, Sarah Lynch, Pamela Lynch, William Lynch, John Bean, Ann Bean, John Hebb, Hopewell Hebb, James Griggs, George Griggs, Ann Griggs, William Griggs, Thomas Griggs, Amanda Griggs, and Elizabeth Griggs. Deed for Poplar Hill, Middle Ground, Floods Quarter. 01/57/09/040 19,731-17 MSA C1591-17
Details 1818 Athanasius Fenwick, Catharine Sewall, and Maria Sewall vs. Raphael Neale and Lewis Ford. Estate of Nicholas Sewall - Elton Head Manor 01/57/09/040 19,731-18 MSA C1591-18
Details 1818 26: Francis Thompson vs. John Dyer, Elizabeth Dyer, John Walker, Henrietta Walker, Stephen Adams, Ann Adams, and Bennett Greenwell. Estate of Clement Greenwell - Leonardtown lot 01/57/09/040 19,731-19-1/2 MSA C1591-19
Details 1819 22: William Reeder vs. William Reeder, Thomas Reeder, Richard Reeder, Elizabeth Reeder, Ann Reeder, and Maria Reeder. Estate of Thomas Attaway Reeder - Dela Brooke Manor 01/57/09/040 19,731-20-1/2 MSA C1591-20
Details 1819 36: Judith C. Penn, William T. Penn, and William Penn. Estate of William Tarlton - Cross Manor, New Ground, Half Cross, Elizabeth Manor, Bush Neck, Hendals, Calverts Branch 01/57/09/041 19,731-21 MSA C1591-21
Details 1819 163 [348]: James W. Mitchell vs. John L. Millard. Debt owned by Benjamin J. Fenwick 01/57/09/041 19,731-22 MSA C1591-22
Details 1820 4 [5, 37, 178]: Joshua Watts, Eleanor Watts, Matthew Jarboe, Elizabeth Jarboe, and Zephaniah Nelson vs. Obadiah Nelson. Estates of Seneca Nelson and George Nelson - Maryland Tract 01/57/09/041 19,731-23-1/3 MSA C1591-23
Details 1820 5 [6, 45]: Joseph Gardiner vs. Richard Edelen. Estates of Richard Edelen and Philip Edelen - Boarman Manor 01/57/09/041 19,731-24-1/2 MSA C1591-24
Details 1820 5a [39]: William Greenwell and Elizabeth Greenwell vs. Lewis Greenwell, Ann J. Greenwell, John C. Greenwell, and Winifred Heard. Sale of Nevils Beginning, Heards Addition, Coventry 01/57/09/041 19,731-25 MSA C1591-25
Details 1820 29: George Dent vs. Pollard Hopewell, James Hopewell, Henry Hopewell, and Hugh Hopewell. Title to Chaptico Manor 01/57/09/041 19,731-26 MSA C1591-26
Details 1820 35: Robert Gibbons, George Gibbons, Charles Nuthall, and Mary Nuthall vs. Mary Gibbons. Estate of Thomas Gibbons - Piney Point, Parish Beedle 01/57/09/041 19,731-27 MSA C1591-27
Details 1820 38: Athanasius Fenwick and Robert Sewall. Estate of Nicholas Sewall - Charles Gift 01/57/09/041 19,731-28 MSA C1591-28
Details 1820 43: William Evans vs. Thomas Evans, Ann Evans, Richard Evans, John Clarke, Mary Clarke, and Mary Taylor. Estate of Ignatius Evans - Birch Neck, Paris 01/57/09/041 19,731-29 MSA C1591-29
Details 1820 44: Lewis Ford and Cornelius Manning vs. Charles H. W. Wharton, Rebecca Wharton, Henry Ashton, Celia Ashton, John Scott, Elizabeth M. Scott, Mary C. B. Barnes, Henry G. S. Key, Rebecca G. S. Key, Sarah Anna Key, Mary Sophia Key, Philip Key, Anna H. Key, Upton S. Key, Mary H. ...More

01/57/09/041 19,731-30 MSA C1591-30
Details 1820 169: Richard B. Mason vs. James Fenwick, Margaret Fenwick, and Susan E. Fenwick. Estate of Athanasius Fenwick - Westbury Manor 01/57/09/041 19,731-31 MSA C1591-31
Details 1821 7 [8, 62]: Christopher Bowes and Elizabeth Bowes vs. John Van Reswick, Joseph Howard, Nancy Howard, Eliza Howard, John Wimsatt, Sarah Wimsatt, Anastasia Greenwell, and Elizabeth Greenwell. Estates of George Howard and Ignatius Howard 01/57/09/041 19,731-32 MSA C1591-32
Details 1821 7a [59]: Bennet Saxton vs. Jeremiah Alvey and James Walker. Title to Batchelors Rest 01/57/09/041 19,731-33-1/2 MSA C1591-33
Details 1821 51: James Maddox, John Maddox, Henry Maddox, George F. Maddox, William Maddox, and Henry Turner vs. Eleanor Turner, Samuel Wilson, Peregrine T. Wilson, Catherine Wilson, Edward Maddox, Samuel Maddox, Samuel Carper, Eleanor Carper, William T. Lee, Elizabeth Lee, Mary Harris, and heirs of Notley Maddox. Estate of Samuel Maddox, Sr. 01/57/09/041 19,731-34-1/2 MSA C1591-34
Details 1821 52: John Dougherty, Nathaniel Dougherty, William Dougherty, and John Dougherty vs. Neale H. Shaw and Elkanah Edwards. Title to Trent Fork 01/57/09/042 19,731-35-1/3 MSA C1591-35
Details 1821 53: Josiah Turner and Philip Turner vs. Elizabeth D. Mills, James J. Mills, Elizabeth B. Mills, William H. Mills, George T. Mills, Rebecca M. Mills, Charles O. Mills, Maria Reeder, Bennet Gough, and Ann Gough. Estate of William Mills - Chaptico Manor, Good Luck. 01/57/09/042 19,731-36-1/3 MSA C1591-36
Details 1821 54: Ignatius Aud vs. Michael Raley and William Raley. Estate of John Raley - Drayadocking Addition, St. Peters Hills, Satisfaction 01/57/09/042 19,731-37-1/2 MSA C1591-37
Details 1821 55: George Guyther. Estate of William Guyther 01/57/09/042 19,731-38-1/3 MSA C1591-38
Details 1821 56: Thomas Smith vs. Araminta Bennett and Susanna Jones Bennett. Estate of William Bennett - windmill and lot 01/57/09/042 19,731-39-1/2 MSA C1591-39
Details 1821 60: Zachariah Redman vs. Joseph Downs, Barnabas Downs, Henrietta L. Downs, and Elizabeth Downs. Deed for Forrest of Dean 01/57/09/042 19,731-40 MSA C1591-40
Details 1821 65: George Dent vs. James R. Hopewell. Title to Chaptico Manor 01/57/09/042 19,731-41 MSA C1591-41
Details 1822 9 [11, 75]: Michael B. Carroll vs. Thomas King Carroll. Deed for Susquehanna Point, Edlows Addition, Smiths Discovery 01/57/09/042 19,731-42 MSA C1591-42
Details 1822 9 [70]: Jeremiah Alvey and Luke W. Barber vs. Ann Hazle, Jeremiah Hazle, Lewis Hazle, Alexander Hazle, Cecilia Hazle, John McCormick, and Elizabeth McCormick. Estate of Bennet Hazle - Gardiners Grove 01/57/09/042 19,731-43 MSA C1591-43
Details 1822 12 [86]: Henry G. S. Key vs. Francis Knott and Mary Knott. Removed to Chancery Court, 1833 01/57/09/042 19,731-44 MSA C1591-44
Details 1822 13 [89]: Richard H. Watts. Estate of George H. Watts - Jones Wood, Guithers Grange, Timber Swamp, Addition to Timber Swamp, Maids Right, Watts Discovery 01/57/09/042 19,731-45-1/4 MSA C1591-45
Details 1822 72: Jeremiah Alvey vs. William Booth, John Booth, Ignatius G. Booth, Walter Booth, Stanislaus Booth, Elias Booth, Samuel Booth, George Booth, Mary Ann Booth, and Jane Booth. Estate of George Booth - Hopton Park 01/57/09/042 19,731-46 MSA C1591-46
Details 1822 73: Jeremiah Alvey vs. Susanna Wildman, Cornelius G. Wildman, Eleanor Wildman, and Margaret N. Wildman. Estate of James Wildman - Dillons Disappointment, Golden Grove 01/57/09/042 19,731-47-1/2 MSA C1591-47
Details 1822 78: Thomas F. Ward vs. Peter Gough & Co. Dissolution of partnership 01/57/09/042 19,731-48-1/3 MSA C1591-48
Details 1823 10 [14]: Kenelm Cheseldine vs. Thomas Johnston and Jeremiah Booth. Injunction against execution of judgment - Allstans Island 01/57/09/043 19,731-49 MSA C1591-49
Details 1823 12 [16, 105]: Edward Turner vs. Ignatius Pike & Co. and Briscoe, Neale & Co. Injuction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/043 19,731-50 MSA C1591-50
Details 1823 13 [18, 113]: William Biscoe vs. Mary Higginson. Estate of John H. Higginson 01/57/09/043 19,731-51-1/2 MSA C1591-51
Details 1823 14 [19, 114]: Pere Mason, Juliana Mason, Maria Mason, Lewis Mason, and Jesse Barnes vs. William Shermentine, Ann C. Shermentine, Nealy Shermentine, and Benedict Shermentine. Deed for Bassets Plains 01/57/09/043 19,731-52 MSA C1591-52
Details 1823 23: John M. Biscoe and George Crane vs. Samuel Gibson and Mary Gough of Charles. Estate of James L. Langley 01/57/09/043 19,731-53 MSA C1591-53
Details 1823 26: Jonathan Hayden vs. George S. Ball. Mortgage foreclosure 01/57/09/043 19,731-54 MSA C1591-54
Details 1823 92: James Walker vs. Josiah Turner and Philip Turner. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/043 19,731-55-1/5 MSA C1591-55
Details 1823 95: Hatch Turner and Helen Bean. Estate of Robert Hammett 01/57/09/043 19,731-56 MSA C1591-56
Details 1823 106: John M. Goldsmith vs. George Plater and William C. Somerville. Injunction against execution of judgment-Sotterly 01/57/09/043 19,731-57-1/2 MSA C1591-57
Details 1823 110: John Leigh vs. Philip Ford, Priscilla Ford, and Robert Ford. Estate of John F. Ford - Riswicks First Purchase, Cissells Venture 01/57/09/043 19,731-58-1/2 MSA C1591-58
Details 1823 115: Emily Brady, Rosilee Brady, and Susan H. Brady vs. William T. Maddox, Edmund Tarlton, and Charles Nuthall. Estate of John Brady - Plum Point, Pasture Ground 01/57/09/043 19,731-59 MSA C1591-59
Details 1823 116: Edward T. Carpenter vs. James Walker, Joseph Walker, Ann Walker, Harriet Brown, Gustavus Brown, Polly Boothe, and Mary Ann Millard. Deed for Addition to Newington 01/57/09/043 19,731-60 MSA C1591-60
Details 1823 221 [109]: Thomas B. Briscoe and Eleanor B. Briscoe vs. John L. Briscoe. Estate of John Briscoe - Barbers Inclosure 01/57/09/043 19,731-61 MSA C1591-61
Details 1824 21 [124]: William Carpenter vs. Ann Spalding, Joseph F. Spalding, Elizabeth Ann Spalding, Sarah Jane Spalding, Mary A. Spalding, and George B. Scott. Estate of Edward Spalding - Crackburns Purchase 01/57/09/043 19,731-62-1/2 MSA C1591-62
Details 1824 21a [127]: Richard Gardiner and Joseph Gardiner vs. Richard Edelin and Bennet Gough. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/044 19,731-63 MSA C1591-63
Details 1824 22 [131]: Jeremiah Alvey vs. Samuel Carpenter. Mortgage foreclosure on Mills Point 01/57/09/044 19,731-64-1/4 MSA C1591-64
Details 1824 22a [131]: Dent H. Miles vs. Henry Miles. Contract to purchase Frog Hall, Collinwood, Bedlum Neck 01/57/09/044 19,731-65 MSA C1591-65
Details 1824 23 [135]: Edward Yates vs. Richard Edelin. Title to and boundaries of land 01/57/09/044 19,731-66-1/2 MSA C1591-66
Details 1824 24 [141]: Samuel C. Biscoe vs. Harriet Jones, Columbus Jones, Mary Jones, and Thomas Fish. Mortgage foreclosure on Pountneys Oversight 01/57/09/044 19,731-67 MSA C1591-67
Details 1824 25 [142]: Enoch Combs and Cornelius Combs vs. Mary Sewall, Catherine L. Sewall, Robert Sewall, Henry Sewall, Maria Sewall, and Raphael Neale. Mortgage foreclosure on Pork Hall 01/57/09/044 19,731-68-1/2 MSA C1591-68
Details 1824 27 [148]: Henry Ashton vs. Thomas Loring and Rebecca Loring. Estate of Phillip Key - Peach Blossom, The Weems, Barton 01/57/09/044 19,731-69 MSA C1591-69
Details 1824 122: Benjamin Cole vs. Ignatius Aud, William Hayden, Monica Hayden, and James Hebb. Estate of William Aud 01/57/09/044 19,731-70-1/2 MSA C1591-70
Details 1824 144: William T. Maddox vs. Henry G. S. Key, Henrietta Key, and John Tayloe. Title to Leonardtown lot 01/57/09/044 19,731-71-1/3 MSA C1591-71
Details 1824 145: Philip Greenwell vs. Henry G. S. Key, Henrietta H. Key, and John Tayloe. Title to Leonardtown lot 01/57/09/044 19,731-72-1/2 MSA C1591-72
Details 1824 146: John Kilgour and James F. Sothoron vs. Neale H. Shaw and Elkanah Edwards. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/044 19,731-73 MSA C1591-73
Details 1825 17 [31, 159]: William C. Somerville vs. Sympho R. Ford, Henrietta S. Ford, Jane P. Ford, Joseph Ford, Henry A. Ford, Lewis J. Ford, and Louisa T. Ford. Deed of trust on Woolsey Manor, Saiales Retreat 01/57/09/044 19,731-74 MSA C1591-74
Details 1825 28 [151]: John Ashcomb and George Ashcomb vs. Stephen Gough. Estates of John C. Ashcomb, Sr. and James Hayden 01/57/09/044 19,731-75 MSA C1591-75
Details 1825 28a [152]: Premas Woodland vs. Thomas Turner. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/044 19,731-76-1/2 MSA C1591-76
Details 1825 29 [154]: Thomas Mattingly vs. Josiah Turner and Phillip Turner. Removed to Chancery Court, 1832 01/57/09/044 19,731-77 MSA C1591-77
Details 1825 160: Catherine Watts and Robert Crane. Estate of Richard H. Watts - Timber Swamp 01/57/09/044 19,731-78 MSA C1591-78
Details 1826 19 [39, 183]: Judia C. Penn, Benjamin T. Penn, and William Penn. Estate of William Tarlton - New Ground, Cross Manor, Elizabeth Manor, Birch Neck 01/57/09/044 19,731-79 MSA C1591-79
Details 1826 32 [167]: William Sothoron and George Dent vs. Eliza Estep, Rebecca Estep, Melvina Estep, and Joshua Estep. Estate of Thomas Estep 01/57/09/044 19,731-80-1/2 MSA C1591-80
Details 1826 34 [170]: Thomas G. Elder, Carolina M. Elder, Ann T. Clarke, Catherine Clarke, Eleanor Clarke, Edward Clarke, Hillary Clarke, and Ambrose Clarke vs. John Clarke. Estate of Mary L. Clarke - Point Look Out, Green Hills 01/57/09/045 19,731-81 MSA C1591-81
Details 1826 35 [172]: William Blair vs. Josiah Turner and Phillip Turner. Removed to Chancery Court, 1832 01/57/09/045 19,731-82 MSA C1591-82
Details 1826 35a [173]: Phillip Turner vs. Peregrine T. Wilson and Nicholas Stonestreet. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/045 19,731-83 MSA C1591-83
Details 1826 36 [180]: George C. Aschom and John C. Aschom vs. Josiah Turner and Phillip Turner. Removed to Chancery Court, 1832 01/57/09/045 19,731-84 MSA C1591-84
Details 1826 37a [181]: Samuel Morton vs. Joseph A. Gardiner. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/045 19,731-85 MSA C1591-85
Details 1826 38 [182]: Henderson S. Boteler and John T. Hawkins vs. Ahesweres Davis and Nathaniel Washington. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/045 19,731-86 MSA C1591-86
Details 1826 39a [191]: Thomas E. Harrison vs. Mildred Suit. Injunction against execution of judgment - Caldwells 01/57/09/045 19,731-87 MSA C1591-87
Details 1826 168: James Hebb vs. James Fenwick, Susan E. Fenwick, and Margaret Fenwick. Estate of Athanasius Fenwick 01/57/09/045 19,731-88-1/2 MSA C1591-88
Details 1826 179: William T. Maddox and Benedict Spalding vs. Elizabeth Mason, Mary B. Mason, Elizabeth A. T. Mason, Abraham B. Mason. Melchor B. Mason, John T. Thompson Mason, and Virginia W. Mason. Deed for Leonardtown lot 01/57/09/045 19,731-89 MSA C1591-89
Details 1827 20 [41, 195]: John Simms and Theresa Simms vs. Francis A. Fenwick, Jane M. Fenwick, John F. Fenwick, and Bennet Fenwick. Estate of Joseph Fenwick - Fenwick Manor 01/57/09/045 19,731-90-1/2 MSA C1591-90
Details 1827 22 [44, 199]: Philip Greenwell vs. Emily Forrest, Richard Forrest, and Joseph Forrest. Mortgage foreclosure on Leonardtown lot 01/57/09/045 19,731-91-1/3 MSA C1591-91
Details 1827 24 [49, 210]: Sarah Pantry vs. John H. Briscoe and William Williams. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/045 19,731-92 MSA C1591-92
Details 1827 25 [54, 216]: Thomas Spalding vs. Catherine M. Eden and William Williams. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/045 19,731-93 MSA C1591-93
Details 1827 26 [55, 217]: Thomas Spalding vs. Catherine M. Eden and William Williams. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/045 19,731-94 MSA C1591-94
Details 1827 42 [197]: Jesse Thompson vs. John B. Lyon. Mortgage foreclosure on Long Reach, Forrest, Fortune, Buck Park 01/57/09/045 19,731-95-1/2 MSA C1591-95
Details 1827 45 [200]: Josiah Turner vs. James Walker and Henry G. S. Key. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/045 19,731-96-1/6 MSA C1591-96
Details 1827 46 [202]: James K. Cawood vs. William Burroughs. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/045 19,731-97 MSA C1591-97
Details 1827 48 [207]: William Coad vs. Kenelm G. Cheseldine, Clement Dorsey, and Philip B. Greenwell. Injunction against execution of judgment 01/57/09/045 19,731-98-1/2 MSA C1591-98
Details 1827 48a [209]: James Harwood vs. John Estep, Alexander Estep, and Alexander Kilgour. Estate of Thomas Estep 01/57/09/045 19,731-99 MSA C1591-99
Details 1827 50 [212]: Jeremiah Alvey vs. Elizabeth D. Mills and Luke White Barber. Dissolution of Mills, Alvey & Co., Mills & Alvey, and James Walker & Co. 01/57/09/045 19,731-100 MSA C1591-100