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(Criminal Docket, Middle District)
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This series of Criminal Dockets, Middle District was maintained and compiled in whole or in part while the Baltimore City ...More

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Date Location MdHR Number MSA Citation
Details 03/17/12/072 50,885 MSA C2109-1
Details 03/17/12/074 50,885 MSA C2109-2
Details 03/17/12/071 50,885 MSA C2109-3
Details 03/17/12/073 50,885 MSA C2109-4
Details 03/69/05/004 MSA C2109-5
Details 03/17/14/105 MSA C2109-6
Details 03/69/14/103 MSA C2109-7
Details 03/69/14/108 MSA C2109-8
Details 03/69/14/101 MSA C2109-9
Details 03/69/14/107 MSA C2109-10
Details 03/69/14/109 MSA C2109-11
Details 03/69/02/051 MSA C2109-12
Details 03/69/14/086 MSA C2109-13
Details 03/69/14/087 MSA C2109-14