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(Plats from Equity)
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Plats filed in equity proceedings, some of which were placed in the case files, with others being recorded in equity ...More

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Date PlatSource Description Links Location MSA Citation
Details Equity Papers 2952 Division of the Late Henry Nixdorff's Real Estate, Lying on Bush Creek, as made for Lewis M. and Henry M. Nixdorff, Trustees; Box 29, Case 2952 Click Here for Additional Links MSA C2855-1
Details 12/06/1894 Equity Papers 6283 Cronise, Joseph, and Milton G. Urner, Trustees of Benjamin F. Winchester; Box 242; Exhibit JSR No. 1 (Map of P.F. Winchesters Home Property); Exhibit JSR No. 2 (Map of Winchesters Brick Yard) Click Here for Additional Links 01/67/12/050 MSA C2855-2
Details 1869 Equity Papers 4983 Resurvey on Daniels Small Tract, Exhibit A Click Here for Additional Links 01/41/10/016 MSA C2855-3