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(Arrestees Physical Description)
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These records have been processed out of T2291 and T2295. This series of Arrestees Physical Descriptions was maintained and compiled ...More

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Date MSA Citation
Details 01/02/1908-12/30/1908 MSA C3069-1
Details 06/1910-04/1911 MSA C3069-2
Details 04/18/1911-12/28/1911 MSA C3069-3
Details 01/01/1912-08/14/1912 MSA C3069-4
Details 08/14/1912-03/22/1913 MSA C3069-5
Details 11/26/1913-06/08/1914 MSA C3069-6
Details 06/08/1914-12/31/1914 MSA C3069-7
Details 08/02/1915-01/23/1916 MSA C3069-8
Details 01/28/1916-06/30/1916 MSA C3069-9
Details 07/1916-12/1916 MSA C3069-10
Details 04/01/1916-12/31/1916 MSA C3069-11
Details 01/01/1917-06/07/1917 MSA C3069-12
Details 01/01/1918-06/29/1918 MSA C3069-13
Details 07/01/1918-12/30/1918 MSA C3069-14
Details 06/01/1919-12/01/1919 MSA C3069-15
Details 01/01/1920-08/11/1920 MSA C3069-16
Details 08/11/1920-01/22/1921 MSA C3069-17
Details 11/04/1921-04/20/1922 MSA C3069-18
Details 04/23/1922-11/16/1922 MSA C3069-19
Details 11/18/1922-05/01/1923 MSA C3069-20
Details 01/01/1905-12/31/1906 MSA C3069-21