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(Arrest Record, Index)
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These records have been processed out of T2439 and T2295. This series of Arrest Record, Index was maintained and compiled ...More

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Date Location MSA Citation
Details 03/17/14/092 MSA C3072-1
Details 03/17/14/130 MSA C3072-2
Details 03/69/05/054 MSA C3072-3
Details 03/69/05/057 MSA C3072-4
Details 03/69/05/097 MSA C3072-5
Details 03/17/14/131 MSA C3072-6
Details 03/17/14/122 MSA C3072-7
Details 03/17/14/108 MSA C3072-8
Details 03/69/05/095 MSA C3072-9
Details 03/69/05/008 MSA C3072-10
Details 03/62/04/005 MSA C3072-11
Details 03/69/05/015 MSA C3072-12
Details 03/17/14/123 MSA C3072-13
Details 03/69/05/014 MSA C3072-14
Details 03/69/05/032 MSA C3072-15
Details 03/69/05/018 MSA C3072-16