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This docket is divided into two sections: 1947-1956 and 1957-2000. The first section is divided into entries for trials and ...More

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Date Description Links MSA Citation
Details 11/1947 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-1
Details 11/1947 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-2
Details 05/1948 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-3
Details 05/1948 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-4
Details 11/1948 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-5
Details 11/1948 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-6
Details 05/1949 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-7
Details 05/1949 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-8
Details 11/1949 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-9
Details 11/1949 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-10
Details 05/1950 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-11
Details 05/1950 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-12
Details 11/1950 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-13
Details 11/1950 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-14
Details 05/1951 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-15
Details 05/1951 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-16
Details 11/1951 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-17
Details 11/1951 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-18
Details 05/1952 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-19
Details 05/1952 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-20
Details 11/1952 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-21
Details 11/1952 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-22
Details 05/1953 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-23
Details 05/1953 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-24
Details 11/1953 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-25
Details 11/1953 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-26
Details 05/1954 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-27
Details 05/1954 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-28
Details 11/1954 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-29
Details 11/1954 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-30
Details 05/1955 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-31
Details 05/1955 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-32
Details 11/1955 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-33
Details 11/1955 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-34
Details 05/1956 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-35
Details 05/1956 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-36
Details 11/1956 Criminal Appeals MSA CE524-37
Details 11/1956 Criminal Trials MSA CE524-38
Details 11/1945-10/1962 Cases 1-500 MSA CE524-39
Details 10/1962-03/1969 Cases 501-1000 MSA CE524-40
Details 03/1969-08/1974 Cases 1001-1500 MSA CE524-41
Details 08/1974-12/1977 Cases 1501-2000 MSA CE524-42
Details 12/1977-10/1981 Cases 2001-2499 MSA CE524-43
Details 10/1981-10/1985 Cases 2501-3000 MSA CE524-44
Details 10/1985-06/1988 Cases 3001-3500 MSA CE524-45
Details 06/1988-02/1991 Cases 3501-4000 MSA CE524-46
Details 02/1991-12/1994 Cases 4001-4500 MSA CE524-47
Details 12/1994-01/2000 Cases 4501-5000 MSA CE524-48
Details 01/2000-11/2000 Cases 5001-5108 MSA CE524-49