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Date Film Reels Description Records Sorted by Description Descending Link Links Note MSA Citation
Details 09/1949-01/1950 CR 48289 (Scanned) Nos. G78101-G81474 Link MSA CM1132-248
Details 06/1949-09/1949 CR 48288 (Scanned) Nos. G75211-G78100. Ret. of G75223 Link MSA CM1132-247
Details 03/1949-06/1949 CR 48287 (Scanned) Nos. G72451-G75210 Link MSA CM1132-246
Details 12/1948-03/1949 CR 48286 (Scanned) Nos. G69101-G72450 Link MSA CM1132-245
Details 08/1948-12/1948 CR 50227 (Scanned) Nos. G65741-G69100 Link MSA CM1132-244
Details 08/1948-12/1948 CR 50227 (Scanned) Nos. G65741-G69100 Link MSA CM1132-243
Details 04/1948-08/1948 CR 48285 (Scanned) Nos. G62561-G65740 Link MSA CM1132-242
Details 01/1948-04/1948 CR 48284 (Scanned) Nos. G59201-G62560. Ret. of G59363 Link MSA CM1132-241
Details 10/1947-01/1948 CR 48283 (Scanned) Nos. G55951-G59200 Link MSA CM1132-240
Details 06/1947-10/1947 CR 48282 (Scanned) Nos. G52626-G55950 Link MSA CM1132-239
Details 03/1947-06/1947 CR 48281 (Scanned) Nos. G49326-G52625. Ret. of G51529 Link MSA CM1132-238
Details 11/1946-03/1947 CR 48280 (Scanned) Nos. G46001-G49325 Link MSA CM1132-237
Details 08/1946-11/1946 CR 48279 (Scanned) Nos. G42676-G46000 Link MSA CM1132-236
Details 04/1946-08/1946 CR 48278 (Scanned) Nos. G39301-G42675 Link MSA CM1132-235
Details 01/1946-04/1946 CR 48277 (Scanned) Nos. G36001-G39300 Link MSA CM1132-234
Details 10/1945-01/1946 CR 48276 (Scanned) Nos. G33610-G36000 Link MSA CM1132-233
Details 07/1945-10/1945 CR 48275 (Scanned) Nos. G30324-G33609 Link MSA CM1132-232
Details 03/1945-07/1945 CR 48274 (Scanned) Nos. G26976-G30323 Link MSA CM1132-231
Details 01/1945-03/1945 CR 48273 (Scanned) Nos. G24501-G26975 Link MSA CM1132-230
Details 11/1944-01/1945 CR 48272 (Scanned) Nos. G22441-G24500 Link MSA CM1132-229
Details 08/1944-11/1944 CR 48271 (Scanned) Nos. G19556-G22440 Link MSA CM1132-228
Details 04/1944-08/1944 CR 48270 (Scanned) Nos. G16501-G19555. Ret. of G19161 Link MSA CM1132-227
Details 01/1944-04/1944 CR 48269 (Scanned) Nos. G13251-G16500 Link MSA CM1132-226
Details 11/1943-01/1944 CR 48268 (Scanned) Nos. G10001-G13250 Link MSA CM1132-225
Details 07/1943-11/1943 CR 48267 (Scanned) Nos. G06701-G10000 Link MSA CM1132-224
Details 04/1943-07/1943 CR 48266 (Scanned) Nos. G03436-G06700 Link MSA CM1132-223
Details 02/1943-04/1943 CR 48265 (Scanned) Nos. G00822-G03435 Link MSA CM1132-222
Details 11/1942-02/1943 CR 48264 (Scanned), CR 48148 (Scanned) Nos. F97501-G00821. See CR 48,148 for rets. of F99396, F99397, G00328, G00329 Link MSA CM1132-221
Details 07/1942-11/1942 CR 48263 (Scanned) Nos. F94334-F97500 Link MSA CM1132-220
Details 04/1942-07/1942 CR 48262 (Scanned) Nos. F91001-F94333 Link MSA CM1132-219
Details 01/1942-04/1942 CR 48261 (Scanned) Nos. F87850-F91000 Link MSA CM1132-218
Details 09/1941-01/1942 CR 48260 (Scanned) Nos. F84320-F87849 Link MSA CM1132-217
Details 05/1941-09/1941 CR 48259 (Scanned) Nos. F81001-F84319. Ret. of F82050 Link MSA CM1132-216
Details 02/1941-05/1941 CR 48258 (Scanned) Nos. F77550-F81000 Link MSA CM1132-215
Details 11/1940-02/1941 CR 48257 (Scanned) Nos. F74501-F77549 Link MSA CM1132-214
Details 07/1940-11/1940 CR 48256 (Scanned) Nos. F70775-F74500. Ret. of F71682 Link MSA CM1132-213
Details 04/1940-07/1940 CR 48255 (Scanned) Nos. F67850-F70774. Link MSA CM1132-212
Details 12/1939-04/1940 CR 48254 (Scanned) Nos. F64001-F67849 Link MSA CM1132-211
Details 11/1939-12/1939 CR 48253 (Scanned) Nos. F62841-F64000 Link MSA CM1132-210
Details 07/1939-11/1939 CR 48252 (Scanned) Nos. F59361-F62840 Link MSA CM1132-209
Details 04/1939-07/1939 CR 48251 (Scanned) Nos. F56896-F59360 Link MSA CM1132-208
Details 12/1938-04/1939 CR 48250 (Scanned) Nos. F53400-F56895 Link MSA CM1132-207
Details 09/1938-12/1938 CR 48249 (Scanned) Nos. F50361-F53399 Link MSA CM1132-206
Details 05/1938-09/1938 CR 48248 (Scanned) Nos. F46801-F50360 Link MSA CM1132-205
Details 02/1938-05/1938 CR 48247 (Scanned) Nos. F43801-F46800 Link MSA CM1132-204
Details 10/1937-02/1938 CR 48246 (Scanned) Nos. F40348-F43800 Link MSA CM1132-203
Details 07/1937-10/1937 CR 48245 (Scanned) Nos. F37186-F40347 Link MSA CM1132-202
Details 03/1937-07/1937 CR 48244 (Scanned) Nos. F33771-F37185 Link MSA CM1132-201
Details 12/1936-03/1937 CR 48243 (Scanned) Nos. F30640-F33770 Link MSA CM1132-200
Details 09/1936-01/1937 CR 48242 (Scanned) Nos. F27626-F30639 Link MSA CM1132-199
Details 06/1936-09/1936 CR 48241 (Scanned) Nos. F24576-F27625 Link MSA CM1132-198
Details 02/1936-06/1936 CR 48240 (Scanned) Nos. F21041-F24575 Link MSA CM1132-197
Details 11/1935-02/1936 CR 48239 (Scanned) Nos. F17946-F21040 Link MSA CM1132-196
Details 07/1935-11/1935 CR 48238 (Scanned) Nos. F14451-F17945 Link MSA CM1132-195
Details 04/1935-07/1935 CR 48237 (Scanned) Nos. F11421-F14450 Link MSA CM1132-194
Details 01/1935-04/1935 CR 48236 (Scanned) Nos. F08001-F11420 Link MSA CM1132-193
Details 10/1934-01/1935 CR 48235 (Scanned) Nos. F05501-F08000 Link MSA CM1132-192
Details 06/1934-10/1934 CR 48234 (Scanned) Nos. F02573-F05500 Link MSA CM1132-191
Details 03/1934-06/1934 CR 48233 (Scanned) Nos. E99061-F02572 Link MSA CM1132-190
Details 12/1933-03/1934 CR 48232 (Scanned) Nos. E96001-E99060 Link MSA CM1132-189
Details 08/1933-12/1933 CR 48231 (Scanned) Nos. E92966-E96000 Link MSA CM1132-188
Details 04/1933-08/1933 CR 48230 (Scanned) Nos. E89791-E92965 Link MSA CM1132-187
Details 01/1933-04/1933 CR 48229 (Scanned) Nos. E86291-E89790 Link MSA CM1132-186
Details 09/1932-01/1933 CR 48228 (Scanned) Nos. E83076-E86290 Link MSA CM1132-185
Details 05/1932-09/1932 CR 48227 (Scanned) Nos. E79551-E83075 Link MSA CM1132-184
Details 07/1925-12/1925 CR 48203 (Scanned) Nos. E776-E4270 Link MSA CM1132-160
Details 02/1932-05/1932 CR 48226 (Scanned) Nos. E76361-E79550 Link MSA CM1132-183
Details 02/1926-05/1926 CR 48205 (Scanned) Nos. E7507-E10760 Link MSA CM1132-162
Details 10/1931-02/1932 CR 48225 (Scanned) Nos. E73171-E76360 Link MSA CM1132-182
Details 06/1931-10/1931 CR 48224 (Scanned) Nos. E69731-E73170 Link MSA CM1132-181
Details 03/1931-06/1931 CR 48223 (Scanned) Nos. E66281-E69730 Link MSA CM1132-180
Details 12/1930-03/1931 CR 48222 (Scanned) Nos. E63111-E66280 Link MSA CM1132-179
Details 08/1930-12/1930 CR 48221 (Scanned) Nos. E59673-E63110 Link MSA CM1132-178
Details 04/1930-08/1930 CR 48220 (Scanned) Nos. E56476-E59672 Link MSA CM1132-177
Details 01/1930-04/1930 CR 48219 (Scanned) Nos. E53001-E56475 Link MSA CM1132-176
Details 11/1929-01/1930 CR 48218 (Scanned) Nos. E51028-E53000 Link MSA CM1132-175
Details 07/1929-11/1929 CR 48217 (Scanned) Nos. E47851-E51027 Link MSA CM1132-174
Details 03/1929-07/1929 CR 48216 (Scanned) Nos. E44316-E47850 Link MSA CM1132-173
Details 11/1925-02/1926 CR 48204 (Scanned) Nos. E4271-E7506 Link MSA CM1132-161
Details 01/1929-03/1929 CR 48215 (Scanned) Nos. E41041-E44315 Link MSA CM1132-172
Details 09/1928-01/1929 CR 48214 (Scanned) Nos. E37501-E41040 Link MSA CM1132-171
Details 05/1928-09/1928 CR 48213 (Scanned) Nos. E34001-E37500 Link MSA CM1132-170
Details 02/1928-05/1928 CR 48212 (Scanned) Nos. E30846-E34000 Link MSA CM1132-169
Details 11/1927-02/1928 CR 48211 (Scanned) Nos. E27571-E30845 Link Certificate E30683 was amended by court order. Both the original certificate and the amended certificate are found on this reel. MSA CM1132-168
Details 07/1927-11/1927 CR 48210 (Scanned) Nos. E24076-E27570 Link MSA CM1132-167
Details 04/1927-07/1927 CR 48209 (Scanned) Nos. E21051-E24075 Link MSA CM1132-166
Details 01/1927-04/1927 CR 48208 (Scanned) Nos. E17561-E21050 Link MSA CM1132-165
Details 09/1926-01/1927 CR 48207 (Scanned) Nos. E14456-E17560 Link MSA CM1132-164
Details 05/1926-09/1926 CR 48206 (Scanned) Nos. E10761-E14455 Link MSA CM1132-163
Details 04/1925-07/1925 CR 48202 (Scanned) Nos. D97556-E775 Link MSA CM1132-159
Details 01/1925-04/1925 CR 48201 (Scanned) Nos. D94019-D97555 Link MSA CM1132-158
Details 11/1924-01/1925 CR 48200 (Scanned) Nos. D91806-D94018 Link MSA CM1132-157
Details 07/1924-11/1924 CR 48199 (Scanned) Nos. D88271-D91805 Link MSA CM1132-156
Details 03/1924-07/1924 CR 48198 (Scanned) Nos. D85006-D88270 Link MSA CM1132-155
Details 09/1917-12/1917 CR 48173 (Scanned) Nos. D8201-D11418 Link MSA CM1132-130
Details 12/1923-03/1924 CR 48197 (Scanned) Nos. D81675-D85005 Link MSA CM1132-154
Details 09/1923-12/1923 CR 48196 (Scanned) Nos. D79031-D81674 Link MSA CM1132-153
Details 05/1923-09/1923 CR 48195 (Scanned) Nos. D76111-D79030 Link MSA CM1132-152
Details 02/1923-05/1923 CR 48194 (Scanned) Nos. D73020-D76110 Link MSA CM1132-151
Details 11/1922-02/1923 CR 48193 (Scanned) Nos. D69331-D73019 Link MSA CM1132-150