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(Settlers and Purchasers Lots)
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Record maintained by the Land Office of lots and tracts west of Fort Cumberland not allocated to soldiers who served ...More

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Date Description Location MdHR Number MSA Citation
Details 1789-1819 pp. 1-86. Subsequent transactions on lands of settlers entitled to preemptions 01/27/01/034 17,300-1 MSA S1263-1
Details 1793 pp. 87-89. List of purchasers entitled to preemptions. 01/27/01/034 17,300-2 MSA S1263-2
Details 1793-1891 pp. 91-100. List of lots retained and sold by the State and subsequent land transactions. 01/27/01/034 17,300-3 MSA S1263-3
Details 1788 List of settlers and lots claimed by them 01/27/01/034 17,300-4 MSA S1263-4