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(Plat References, Anne Arundel, Index)
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Electronic index to plats in provincial, state, and county records, created from a card index that is not comprehensive. Over ...More

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Date PlatSource Description Links Location MSA Citation
Details 1815 Chancery Record 81, p. 194 Abbington, estate of Joshua Hall. MSA S1551-1
Details 1796 Division Plats 4, p. 59 Abington. MSA S1551-2
Details 1827 Chancery Record 134, pp. 282-283 Abington, estate of Matthias Hammond. MSA S1551-3
Details 1827 Plat 45 Abington, shown with Evens Discovery. MSA S1551-4
Details 1830 Chancery Record 140, p. 956 Abington, estate of Phillip Hammond, Sr. MSA S1551-5
Details 1819 Plat 58 Acton, shown with Murrys Adventure, self Defence. MSA S1551-6
Details 1825 Plat 18 Acton, shown with Harwoods Venture. MSA S1551-7
Details 1889 Plat 102 Acton, estate of Gilbert Murdok, (Equity). MSA S1551-8
Details 1890 Special Collections SC 859 Acton, Melvin's Plan of Murry Hill, 1890 ; made in accordance with the contract between James D. Murry et al. And George T. Melvin Acton Place, 1927 ; for W. Meade Hollyday. MSA S1551-9
Details 1815 Chancery Record 100, p. 585 Adam the First, estate of John Shipley. MSA S1551-10
Details 1826 Chancery Record 130, p. 238 Adam the First, property of Charles Magill, a minor. MSA S1551-11
Details 1815 Chancery Record 100, p. 585 Adam the Second, estate of John Shipley. MSA S1551-12
Details 1795 Division Plats 3, p. 39 Addition, shown with Dorseys Search. MSA S1551-13
Details 1796 Division Plats 4, p. 59 The Addition. MSA S1551-14
Details 1804 Plat 124 Addition, shown with Greenburys Forest, Hopkins His Addition, Howards Folly, Hopkins Fancy. MSA S1551-15
Details 1819 Plat 78 The Addition, shown with Dorseys Search, The resurvey on Dorseys Search. MSA S1551-16
Details 1862 Plat 61 Addition, estate of James Williamson (Equity). MSA S1551-17
Details 1818 Chancery Record 126, p. 75 Additional Defence, shown with Ridgelys Range, Ridgelys Great Park. MSA S1551-18
Details 1828 Chancery Record 139, pp. 352-354 Addition to Brothers Level, estate of Col. Richard Dorsey. MSA S1551-19
Details 1807 Chancery Record 66, p. 503 Additon to Careys Retirement, estate of Nicholas Brewer. MSA S1551-20
Details 1795 Resurvey Plats 16 Additon to Forrest Range, shown with Brothers Partnership. MSA S1551-21
Details 1821 Plat 39 The Addition to Gosnells Chance, Charles Pumphery versus George Ashpaw and Elizabeth Ashpaw, (proceedings in A. A. County Judgments WSG#21, folder 75). MSA S1551-22
Details 1817 Chancery Record 139, p. 522 Addition to the Grove, estate of William Simpson. MSA S1551-23
Details 1807 Chancery Record 68, p. 41 Additon to Herberts Care, estate of George Scott. MSA S1551-24
Details 1840 Chancery Record 160, pp. 717-718 Additon to Mirey Swamp, estate of John Haslup. MSA S1551-25
Details 1801 Chancery Record 52, pp. 18-19 Addition to New Years Gift. Estate of Caleb Dorsey. MSA S1551-26
Details 1819 Chancery Record 166, p. 39, 52A Additon to New Years Gift, Theodrick Bland versus John W. Weems and wife Marhta P. and Joseph J. Speed. MSA S1551-27
Details 1850 Division Plats 2, p. 42 The Addition to Ridgelys Addition Estate of William Marriott, (proceedings in Chancery Papers #9655). MSA S1551-28
Details 1841 Chancery Record 156, p. 289 Additon to St. Jeromes, estate of Phillip Darnall. MSA S1551-29
Details 1819 Chancery Record 103, p. 461 Addition to the Second Part of the Vacant Lot estate of Vachel Gaither. MSA S1551-30
Details 1820 Chancery Record 143, p. 870 Addition to Stoney Thickett, estate of Henry Vanhill. MSA S1551-31
Details 1858 Special Collections SC M877, p. 1 The Adiition to Stony Thickett, for Mr. Randle and Mr. Hagner. MSA S1551-32
Details 1795 Resurvey Plats 16 Addition to Timber Neck, shown with Brothers Partnership. MSA S1551-33
Details 1844 Chancery Record 164, p. 151 Addition to Timber Neck, George Peddicord et al. Versus Nehemiah M. Rowles et al. MSA S1551-34
Details 1822 Land Records WSG 9, p. 285 Addition to Timber Ridge, Deed of Partition, Charles Caroll of Carrollton, Daniel Carroll of Duddington, Maria S. and Christopher Johnston, and John J. Donaldson. MSA S1551-35
Details 1835 Land Records WSG 21, p.468 Addition to Timber Ridge, Deed, Richard Yealdhall to Mary Hawkins. MSA S1551-36
Details 1850 Division Plats 1, p. 36A Addition to Timber Ridge, estate of John Welhelm, (proceedings in Chancery Papers #12380). MSA S1551-37
Details 1851 Division Plats 1, p. 25 The Addition to timber Ridge, estate of Oliver Cromwell and Richard Cromwell, (proceedings in Chancery Papers #6948). MSA S1551-38
Details 1857 Plat 26 The Addition to Timber Ridge, Ebenesor Phelps and John Stewart versus James Phelps (Ejectment). MSA S1551-39
Details 1831 Chancery Record 157, p. 241 Addition to Tuckers Delight estate of Edward A. Cockey. MSA S1551-40
Details 1836 Division Plats 1, p. 12 Addition to United Friendship, Estate of Howard Miller and George W. Miller, (proceedings in Chancery Records 152, folder 105). MSA S1551-41
Details 1821 Plat 52 Airey, Mary et al. (def.) Thomas L. Emory (plf.) Waters Lot, Robin Hoods Forrest, (proceedings in Anne Arundel County Judgments WSG#22, folder 93). MSA S1551-42
Details 1821 Plat 52 Airey, Samuel et al. (def.) Thomas L. Emory (plf.) Waters Lot, robin Hoods Forrest, (proceedings in Anne Arundel County Judgments WSG#22, folder 93). MSA S1551-43
Details 1797 Division Plats 2, p. 24 Alarm, Ebenezer Pumphrey versus Thomas Cromwell, (caveat ). MSA S1551-44
Details 1851 Division Plats 1, p. 25 The Alarm, Estate of Oliver Cromwell and Richard Cromwell, (proceedings in Chancery Papers #6948). MSA S1551-45
Details 1793 Guardian Accounts JG 1, p. 61 Aldridges Beginning, estate of Richard Cheney. MSA S1551-46
Details 1738 Resurvey Plats 13 Alexander, William et al. Versus Lord Propprietor, Todds Harbor, (proceedings in Chancery Records 6, folder 239, Maryland Reports I, folder 92). MSA S1551-47
Details 1803 Division Plats 1, p. 18 Alexander, William (def.) Rachel Shipley (plf.). Justifiable, Frog Range, Columbia, (proceedings in Caveat Papers #042). MSA S1551-48
Details 1837 Division Plats 1, p. 20 Alexandria, Estate of John R. Thomas, (proceedings in Chancery Papers #8655 ; record Liber 155A, folder 178). MSA S1551-49
Details 1767 Division Plats 3, p. 57 Allens Purchase, part of Anne Arundel Manor, (copied 1920). MSA S1551-50
Details 1793 Guardian Accounts JG 1, p. 55 Altogether, estate of Ruth Dorsey. MSA S1551-51
Details 1800 Caveat Papers 164 Altogether, shown with Friendship. MSA S1551-52
Details 1795 Resurvey Plats 1, p. 4 Anderson, Andrew (def.) Elizabeth Oliver (plf.) Linthycums revenge, Bear Bottom, (proceedings in Western Shore Judgments JG#29, folder 233). MSA S1551-53
Details 1782 Resurvey Plats 10 Anderson, Dr. James (def.) Abel Brown (plf.) Harwood, (proceedings in Western Shore Judgments TBH#3, folder 92). MSA S1551-54
Details 1830 Chancery Record 142, p. 203C Anderson, James, estate of ; Duvalls Range. MSA S1551-55
Details 1856 Plat 5 Anderson, William, estate of , Jericho, Cherry Walk, Walter- Lot Prince George's County, Burgess Progress, Piney Orchard Anne Arundel County, (Equity ). MSA S1551-56
Details 1835 Chancery Record 154, p. 394 Andover, estate of Thomas Stewart. MSA S1551-57
Details 1860 Plat 122 The Angle, estate of Richard Tydings, (Equity). MSA S1551-58
Details 1839 Land Records WSG 24, p. 24 Anglins Discovery, for Thomas M. and Elizabeth T. Camden and Edward and Sarah A. Thompson. MSA S1551-59
Details 1838 Land Records WSG 23, pp. 383-425 Annapolis and Elk ridge Rail Road. MSA S1551-60
Details 1838 Chancery Record 173, p. 583 Annapolis and Elkridge Rail Road Station Number 3, land of John Hamilton. MSA S1551-61
Details 1838 Chancery Record 173, p. 585 Annapolis and Elkridge rail Road, Station number 2-land of James Hamilton. MSA S1551-62
Details 1840 Land Records WSG 25, pp. 588-618 Annapolis and elk Ridge Rail Road County Lands through which tracks will go. MSA S1551-63
Details 1754 Special Collections SC 387, p. 272 Annapolis Lots #94 and #103. MSA S1551-64
Details 1770 Special Collections SC 595, p. 2 Annapolis Lot #61. MSA S1551-65
Details 1806 Plat 130 Annapolis Lot #86, John Sands versus Thomas W. Hewitt (Ejectment). MSA S1551-66
Details 1815 Plat 82 Annapolis Lot #67 (on West St.). John, Henrietta Ann, Archibald, Robert, and George Golder versus John Hicks, (proceedings in Anne Arundel County Judgments WSG#10, folder 144). MSA S1551-67
Details 1817 Chancery Record 108, p. 483 Annapolis Lot (Free School Ground), Estate of Charles Stewart. MSA S1551-68
Details 1820 Chancery Record 116, pp. 112-113 Annapolis Lots, on Cornhill and Fleet Streets and Lot 50 on South East Street. Estate of Joshua Frazier. MSA S1551-69
Details 1824 Chancery Record 135, pp. 154-155 Annapolis lot, on Conduit Street, Nicholas Brewer, Jr. Trustee of George Medkiff, versus Edward Williams et al. MSA S1551-70
Details 1825 Chancery Record 129, pp. 300-301 Annapolis Lots, 62-64 and 66 on Cathedral and Bishop Streets, estate of Janetta R. Stevens. MSA S1551-71
Details 1833 Chancery Record 151, p. 269 Annapolis Lots, on Church Street, estate of John T. Barber. MSA S1551-72
Details 1836 Land Records WSG 25, p. 25 Annapolis Lot #45, for Basil Shephard. MSA S1551-73
Details 1836 Chancery Record 134, p. 721 Annapolis Lots, on Tabernacle, North West, Carroll, and Bladen Streets, estate of Daniel Dulaney. MSA S1551-74
Details 1837 Chancery Record 60, p. 551 Annapolis Lots, on South East, Conduit, and Church Streets. Estate of Edward Williams. MSA S1551-75
Details 1840 Land Records WSG 26, p. 68 Annapolis Lots 85, and 86, on Prince George and east Streets, Deed Margaret C. Smith to John T. Barber of george. MSA S1551-76
Details 1847 Plat 132 Annapolis Lot #31, Daniel T. Hyde versus George Taylor, (Ejectment). MSA S1551-77
Details 1851 Land Records NHG 1, p. 452 Annapolis Lots #27, 45, 46, William Glover to Amanda Thompson,1852. MSA S1551-78
Details 1851 Land Records NHG 1, pp. 452, 453 Annapolis Lots 27, 45, 46, on Church, Conduit, and South East Streets, for John Walton. MSA S1551-79
Details 1852 Land Records NHG 1, p. 447 Annapolis lot, on Conduit and South East Streets, Deed, John and Rebecca Arnold to John Walton. MSA S1551-80
Details 1856 Special Collections SC M877, p. 10 Annapolis Lot #51. MSA S1551-81
Details 1863 Plat 53 Annapolis Lots (on Tabernacle Street), estate of George Hayden, (Equity). MSA S1551-82
Details 1865 Plat 107 Annapolis Lot #85, estate of John T. Barber of George (Equity). MSA S1551-83
Details 1866 Plat 90 Annapolis Lots, estate of Daniel Dorsey, (Equity). MSA S1551-84
Details 1867 Plat 68 Annapolis Lots, Catharine Murry and James D. Murry versus - Murray et al. (Equity). MSA S1551-85
Details 1873 Plat 16 Annapolis Lot #28, Estate of William R. Goodman (Equity). MSA S1551-86
Details 1873 Plat 70 Annapolis Lot (on West Street and Washington Street), estate of Andrew Lamb, (Equity). MSA S1551-87
Details 1874 Plat 56 Annapolis Lots, Mary Hayden et al. MSA S1551-88
Details 1878 Plat 77 Annapolis Lots ( on Cornhill Street , Acton Lane, Hanover Street, Doctor Street), estate of William Bishop (Equity). MSA S1551-89
Details 1881 Plat 106 Annapolis Lots (on East Street and Carrolls Alley), estate of Thomas J. Brice (Equity). MSA S1551-90
Details 1887 Plat 108 Annapolis Lot #100, Wilson versus Wilson, (Equity). MSA S1551-91
Details 1889 Plat 102 Annapolis Lots (on West Street and First Street), estate of Gilbert Murdock (Equity). MSA S1551-92
Details 1893 Plat 57 Annapolis Lots, Estate of John Kealy (Equity). MSA S1551-93
Details 1920 Division Plats 3, p. 57 Annas Desire, part of Anne Arundel Manor, (copied 1920). MSA S1551-94
Details 1810 Division Plats 1, p. 56 Anne Arundel County, Twenty -Fuor Scattered tracts, unnamed. MSA S1551-95
Details Resurvey Plats 1, p. 12 Tracts along Severn river, Hammond Creek, Warren's Creek, and Bustians Cove. MSA S1551-96
Details 1924 Plat 59 Anne Arundel County Courthouse, Blueprint Plans. MSA S1551-97
Details 1767 Division Plats 3, p. 57 Anne Arundel Manor, resurvey of 1767 ; copied by Arthur Trader on 1920 from a copy by John Shepherd. , shows lots by number and tract name. MSA S1551-98
Details 1810 Plat 9 Anne Arundel Manor (lot #39), Robert Carr versus Richard Phipps and Artridge Phipps (Ejectment). MSA S1551-99
Details 1829 Chancery Record 139, p. 425 Anne Arundel Manor, part of estate of Elizabeth Fischer. MSA S1551-100