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Plats of land and plans of buildings, roads, and a sewage system submitted for information and documentation. Arranged chronologically. See ...More

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Date Description Location MdHR Number MSA Citation
Details Cemetery gate and fence B5/09/02/000 40,243-9 MSA S39-1
Details Deer's Head, Salisbury B5/09/02/000 40,243-1 MSA S39-2
Details 1876 State Normal School B5/09/02/000 40,243-8 MSA S39-3
Details 1879 Pennsylvania & Reading Railroad, Main Line and Branches B5/09/02/000 40,243-12 MSA S39-4
Details 1882 State House Grounds, Plan for Proposed Improvements B5/09/03/000 50,377 MSA S39-5
Details 1896 Frederick St. Bulkhead, Baltimore City B5/09/02/000 40,243-10 MSA S39-6
Details 1901 Great Falls Power Co., property and proposed dam B5/09/02/000 40,243-14 MSA S39-7
Details 1907 State House Grounds B5/09/02/000 40,243-13 MSA S39-8
Details 1926, 1939 Eastern Shore State Hospital B5/09/02/000 40,243-4 MSA S39-9
Details 1928-1938 U.S. Post Office Site and Randall Place, Annapolis B5/09/02/000 40,243-19 MSA S39-10
Details 1933 Springfield State Hospital B5/09/02/000 40,243-18 MSA S39-11
Details 1934 Valley Lee Road, St. Mary's County B5/09/02/000 40,243-5 MSA S39-12
Details 1935 University of Maryland, Resurvey of the Otten Farm, Pfeiffers Corner, Howard Co. B5/09/02/000 40,243-27 MSA S39-13
Details 1935 Mt. Nebo, Garrett Co. B5/09/02/000 40,243-29 MSA S39-14
Details 1936-1949 Salisbury State Teachers College B5/09/02/000 40,243-16 MSA S39-15
Details 1937 Route 13 at Leonards Mill Road, Wicomico Co. B5/09/02/000 40,243-20 MSA S39-16
Details 1939 Queens Chapel Rd., Hyattsville B5/09/02/000 40,243-22 MSA S39-17
Details 1940 Maryland Training School for Boys B5/09/02/000 40,243-6 MSA S39-18
Details 1941 Extension of Alabama Rd., Towson B5/09/02/000 40,243-26 MSA S39-19
Details 1944 Court of Appeals B5/09/02/000 40,243-25 MSA S39-20
Details 1944 Site Plan of University of Maryland, Baltimore Co. B5/09/02/000 40,243-28 MSA S39-21
Details 1945 Sacony-Vacuum Oil Co., property in Worcester Co. B5/09/02/000 40,243-3 MSA S39-22
Details 1945 Reisterstown Sewerage System and Treatment Works B5/09/02/000 40,243-15 MSA S39-23
Details 1946 Agreement with Burnwell Oil Co. B5/09/02/000 40,243-2 MSA S39-24
Details 1947 Shad Point Bridge, Tonytank Creek B5/09/02/000 40,243-23 MSA S39-25
Details 1949 National Guard Airport, Dundalk B5/09/02/000 40,243-7 MSA S39-26
Details 1949 Bayside Sandy Point State Park B5/09/02/000 40,243-17 MSA S39-27
Details 1949 Elevations of Old Treasury Building, Annapolis, by Henry Powell Hopkins. RB/02/01/001 MSA S39-28