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Date Legacy Accession Number Description Link MSA Citation
Details S1397 Aaron - Addison, Rebecca Link MSA SE27-1
Details S1397 Adkins, Riley - Alloways, Sarah Link MSA SE27-2
Details S1397 Alls, Mary - Andrew, Henry Link MSA SE27-3
Details S1397 Andrew, Ida - Armstrong, William Link MSA SE27-4
Details S1397 Arnald, Harriss - Azleip, Benjamin Link MSA SE27-5
Details S1397 Baady, Mary - Ball, Mary Link MSA SE27-6
Details S1397 Ball, Meeky - Barnett, William Link MSA SE27-7
Details S1397 Barnette, Charles - Battershall, Ludlow Link MSA SE27-8
Details S1397 Battin, Margery - Beall, Zephiniah Link MSA SE27-9
Details S1397 Bealle, Martha - Belfour, Ann Link MSA SE27-10
Details S1397 Bell, Abigail - Bentley, Thomas Link MSA SE27-11
Details S1397 Benton, Ann - Birckhead, William Link MSA SE27-12
Details S1397 Bird, Amelia - Blizzard, Mary Link MSA SE27-13
Details S1397 Blocher, H. - Boozer, John Link MSA SE27-14
Details S1397 Boran, John - Bowheim, David Link MSA SE27-15
Details S1397 Bowie, Adeen - Brady, Zachariah Link MSA SE27-16
Details S1397 Bragunier, James - Brevard, Rebecca Link MSA SE27-17
Details S1397 Brewer, Alice - Bromton, Elezabeth Link MSA SE27-18
Details S1397 Bromwell, Anne - Brown, Evatine Link MSA SE27-19
Details S1397 Brown, Fanny - Brown, White Link MSA SE27-20
Details S1397 Brown, William - Burch, William Link MSA SE27-21
Details S1397 Burchart, A. - Busteed, Warner Link MSA SE27-22
Details S1397 Butcher, Benjamin - Byus, William Link MSA SE27-23
Details S1397 Cablentz, Elizabeth - Camper, Willie Link MSA SE27-24
Details S1397 Campher, Annie - Carric, James Link MSA SE27-25
Details S1397 Carrick, Adaline - Carver, John Link MSA SE27-26
Details S1397 Carvill, Elizabeth - Chance, William Link MSA SE27-27
Details S1397 Chanceaulme, Isabella - Cheshire, Richard Link MSA SE27-28
Details S1397 Chesley, Daniel - Clagett, Wiseman Link MSA SE27-29
Details S1397 Claggett, Elinor - Clayton, William Link MSA SE27-30
Details S1397 Claytor, Alexander - Colder, James Link MSA SE27-31
Details S1397 Cole, Aisley - Collison, William Link MSA SE27-32
Details S1397 Collister, Else - Coogle, Adam Link MSA SE27-33
Details S1397 Cook, Aaron - Cork, Frances Link MSA SE27-34
Details S1397 Corkin, Anne - Coursey, William Link MSA SE27-35
Details S1397 Court, William - Crandall, William Link MSA SE27-36
Details S1397 Crandel, Abel - Crone, Robert Link MSA SE27-37
Details S1397 Croneen, Daniel - Curran, William Link MSA SE27-38
Details S1397 Curranie, Mary - Davies, William Link MSA SE27-39
Details S1397 Davis, Adaline - Davis, Zacheus Link MSA SE27-40
Details S1397 Davison, Annie - Dean, Polly Link MSA SE27-41
Details S1397 Dean, Rachel - Dickersen, Rachel Link MSA SE27-42
Details S1397 Dickerson, Catharine - Dockings, Rebecca Link MSA SE27-43
Details S1397 Dockins, Charles - Douglass, William Link MSA SE27-44
Details S1397 Dove, Amy - Duckett, Josephine Link MSA SE27-45
Details S1397 Duckett, Kitty - Duvall, Jane Link MSA SE27-46
Details S1397 Duvall, Jemima - Eccleston, William Link MSA SE27-47
Details S1397 Eckard, Mary - Elliott, Jason Link MSA SE27-48
Details S1397 Elliott, Jeremiah - Etchison, Susanna Link MSA SE27-49
Details S1397 Etherington, Ann - Farnly, John Link MSA SE27-50
Details S1397 Farquaharsen, Richard - Fisher, Ludwick Link MSA SE27-51
Details S1397 Fisher, Margaret - Flynn, William Link MSA SE27-52
Details S1397 Foard, Ann - Fountain, Jane Link MSA SE27-53
Details S1397 Fountain, John - Frankling, Artridg Link MSA SE27-54
Details S1397 Frantom, Alice - Fye, Joseph Link MSA SE27-55
Details S1397 Gable, Christian - Gardner, John Link MSA SE27-56
Details S1397 Gardner, Joseph - Gerace, Onafrio Link MSA SE27-57
Details S1397 Gerald, Edward - Glanden, Sophia Link MSA SE27-58
Details S1397 Glanding, Baynard - Gorman, William Link MSA SE27-59
Details S1397 Gormond, Henry - Gray, Mary Link MSA SE27-60
Details S1397 Gray, Matthias - Grey, William Link MSA SE27-61
Details S1397 Gribbon, Henry - Gross, Jeremiah Link MSA SE27-62
Details S1397 Gross, John - Hall, Arabella Link MSA SE27-63
Details S1397 Hall, Arenna - Hamilton, Ellen Link MSA SE27-64
Details S1397 Hamilton, Frances - Harden, William Link MSA SE27-65
Details S1397 Hardester, Ann - Harring, Mary Link MSA SE27-66
Details S1397 Harrington, Ann - Harriss, Louiza Link MSA SE27-67
Details S1397 Harriss, Margaret - Hatton, William Link MSA SE27-68
Details S1397 Hauer, Elizabeth - Hedrick, Susana Link MSA SE27-69
Details S1397 Heffner, Catherine - Hewes, Robert Link MSA SE27-70
Details S1397 Hewet, Sally - Hilleary, Verlinda Link MSA SE27-71
Details S1397 Hillen, Caroline - Hoffman, Valentine Link MSA SE27-72
Details S1397 Hoffnagle, Edward - Honey, Joseph Link MSA SE27-73
Details S1397 Hood, Achsah - Hopkins, Zebudon Link MSA SE27-74
Details S1397 Hopkinson, Laura - Hownton, Sarah Link MSA SE27-75
Details S1397 Hows, John - Hughes, Horatio Link MSA SE27-76
Details S1397 Hughes, James - Hurley, Zola Link MSA SE27-77
Details S1397 Hurlock, Amanda - Ijams, Washington Link MSA SE27-78
Details S1397 Iler, Edward - Jackson, Lydia Link MSA SE27-79
Details S1397 Jackson, Mahala - Jeffers, William Link MSA SE27-80
Details S1397 Jefferson, Ann - Johnson, Amy Link MSA SE27-81
Details S1397 Johnson, Andrew - Johnson, Lyman Link MSA SE27-82
Details S1397 Johnson, Mack - Jolly, William Link MSA SE27-83
Details S1397 Jones - Jones, Jones, Lydia Link MSA SE27-84
Details S1397 Jones, M. - Joyce, William Link MSA SE27-85
Details S1397 Jub, Richard - Keens, Kitty Link MSA SE27-86
Details S1397 Keephart, Elizabeth - Kersey, Robert Link MSA SE27-87
Details S1397 Kershaw, Duewilla - King, Ruth Link MSA SE27-88
Details S1397 King, Sabret - Knock, Henry Link MSA SE27-89
Details S1397 Knode, George - Lane, Josiah Link MSA SE27-90
Details S1397 Lane, Kitty - Lawyer, Mollie Link MSA SE27-91
Details S1397 Layfield, Alfred - Lee, Willoughby Link MSA SE27-92
Details S1397 Leech, Elizabeth - Lewis, Wilson Link MSA SE27-93
Details S1397 Liason, Lidia - Lockerman, Williamina Link MSA SE27-94
Details S1397 Lockett, John - Lowe, William Link MSA SE27-95
Details S1397 Lowell, George - Lyttle, Joseph Link MSA SE27-96
Details S1397 Maasser, George - McCron, H. Link MSA SE27-97
Details S1397 McCubbin, Ann - McIntyre, Jane Link MSA SE27-98
Details S1397 McJilton, Daniel - Macotter, Henry Link MSA SE27-99
Details S1397 McParlin, William - Maly, John Link MSA SE27-100