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From its incorporation in 1796 Baltimore's municipal government has required legal assistance. During its early years the government contracted with ...More

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Date Series Name Legacy Accession Number Description MSA Citation
Sub Series Details 1903-1968 Opinions of the City Solicitor Official opinions representing professional decisions or advice rendered. Indexed 1903-1963. An Index to the Opinions of the City Solicitor of the City of Baltimore, 1903-1931, 3 vols., compiled by Charles Pielert and Horace Flack. Index to the Opinions of the City Solicitor of Baltimore, 1931-1963, compiled by Carl N. Everstine. BCA BRG13-1
Sub Series Details 1903-2010 Case Files Notes, memos, opinions, and miscellaneous materials regarding court cases involving the municipal government. Files also include plats, correspondence, and reports. Files are arranged by case number. Records have been partially inventoried and the Baltimore City Archives does not have a comprehensive list of all cases. Case numbers may be determined ...More

Sub Series Details 1819-1864 HRS Indexed Records Assorted collections of opinions, correspondence, and legal documents by the City Counselor. See separate item index at the Baltimore City Archives. BCA BRG13-3
Sub Series Details 1873-1964 Street Improvement Property Records Material relates to street openings, closings, condemnations, extensions, and widenings. Other types of municipal property such as schools, fire houses, and park lots also are included. Responsibility for verification and abstraction of property titles acquired by the municipality resided originally with an examiner of titles; the 1898 city charter transferred ...More

Sub Series Details 1900-1971 Administrative Subject Files Correspondence, reports, and legal documents relating primarily to real estate matters and legal representation of the municipality. Many items relate directly to specific case files (Series 2). Internal management of the department and the City Solicitor's service with various municipal organizations are reflected as well. See file folder listing available ...More

Sub Series Details 1930-1949 Administrative Chronological Files Mostly incoming and copies of outgoing correspondence pertaining to all aspects of Law Department activity, especially real estate matters. Many items relate directly to specific case files (Series 2). BCA BRG13-6
Sub Series Details 1900-1980 Property Acquisition Files Material relating to municipal purchase or condemnation of property for urban renewal, street improvement and school construction projects. The files for each project mostly consist of deeds, agreements, title abstracts and reports, and other legal documents associated with transfer of property ownership. Occasionally plats and correpsondence to and from other ...More

Sub Series Details 1940-1974 Real Estate Division Subject Files contain correspondence, legal documents, and reports generated by division activities, including acquisition and disposition of property, granting of easements and rights of way, and disputes concerning municipal property fees. Items are grouped together alphabetically. Chronological Files contain incoming and copies of outgoing correspondence relating to title report and ...More

Sub Series Details 1939-1971 Friendship Airport Files Assorted collections of items relating to Law Department involvement in the planning, construction, and operation of the airport. Most of the subjects covered concern legal matters, especially cases before the U.S. Civil Aviation Board. See Series 7 for airport property condemnation files and RG.14, Series 1 for related material. See ...More

Sub Series Details 1911 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Track Route Ground Rent Files Grouping of title examination documents relating to property affected by proposed relocation of railroad tracks and construction of roadway bridges authorized by Ord. 387 (1909). The area covered is adjacent to Camden Station and the track routes leading to the station, roughly bounded by Camden Street to the north, Eutaw Street to the west, Henrietta Street ...More

BCA BRG13-10
Sub Series Details 1898-1903, 1934-1978 Case File Dockets Volumes include case file number for cases in BRG13-2, as well as the name of plaintiff and defendant, court of hearing, date, amount claimed, nature of action, and disposition. There is a name index in the front of each volume. Not every case file opened by the Law Department was ...More

BCA BRG13-11
Sub Series Details 1910-1924 Voucher Register and Journal Listing of Law Department charges for salaries, travel, title searches, court costs, and related expenditures. BCA BRG13-12
Details Asbestos Case Cooper Beckman and Turk BCA BRG13-13
Sub Series Details 1911-1925 Title Abstracts Records of title searches conducted in relation to acquisition of property by the City. Many reference casefiles in BRG13-2. Abstracts were recorded in bound abstract volumes, which are not presently in the holdings of the Baltimore City Archives. BCA BRG13-14
Sub Series Details 1919-1934 Case File Index BRG 13 S 2 This series contains the index to the case files located at BRG13-2 for the years 1919-1934. BCA BRG13-15
Sub Series Details 2002-2004 Land Use Practice Group The Land Use Practice Group of the Law Department. Note: The Law Department, as of 2013, has updated their structure to include Practice Groups. BCA BRG13-16