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(Baltimore City Property Tax Records)
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The tax records here were created by numerous agencies and officials in a complex taxation system required them to be ...More

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Sub Series Details 1798-1915 Baltimore City General Property Tax Books The General Property Tax Books are the final tax records for the municipality, arranged on a city-wide basis. The information in these volumes varies over time though they will generally include the names of individuals and companies, amount of assessment or tax, and payments. Some of the earlier books do ...More

Sub Series Details 1800-1866 Baltimore City Assessor Tax Records These are the intermediate records completed by the field assessors for taxation purposes which are arranged internally by streets and contain generally the same information as the tax books (RG. 4, Series 1). The main difference is that internal arrangement and field assessors' records often contain modifications and corrections. These ...More

Sub Series Details 1813-1898 Field Assessors' Work Books Included in this series are the rough workbooks of the assessors field work in Baltimore. Records include name of owner, description of assessed property, occasional diagrams of property lines, owners' and assessors' statement of value, and miscellaneous notes and calculations of the field assessors. These records are the preliminary sources ...More

Details 1914-1987 Baltimore City Assessors' Records These records are a continuation of the Baltimore City Assessors' records described in RG. 4, Series 2 and the field assessors' workbooks in RG. 4, Series 3. The essential difference is that the sheets are standardized forms as opposed to the more informal nature of the other records. The records ...More

Sub Series Details 1907-1915 Supplementary Assessors Field Book These records are similar to those described in Series 2. However, the format is rougher (paperback notebooks gatherd together) and the information more detailed. Data given for each property includes amount of original assessment and of new assessment, description of the structure, (e.g. "2SBB," meaning two story brick building), and ...More

Sub Series Details 1928-1991 Real Estate Tax Assessments, Baltimore City, by address The Real Estate Tax Assessments were published by the city government and by the Real Estate Index Bureau of Baltimore and its successors between 1928 and 1991. They are arranged by street address. These records provide the ward, section, and block numbers of the property and provide access to Baltimore ...More

Sub Series Details 1797 Special Tax List "Historians and genealogists researching early Baltimore residents have generally relied upon the 1783 State assessment, 1798 Federal assessment, and the city directories which began publication in 1796.' Other than these sources, the records of early Baltimoreans are limited to church records, newspapers, and miscellaneous assessments and fines levied by the ...More