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The Passenger List Index for the immigrant passenger lists.

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Film Reels Description Link MSA Citation
Details (Scanned) Aa-Ap Link BCA BRG55-4-1
Details (Scanned) Ar-Bark Link BCA BRG55-4-2
Details (Scanned) Barl-Becker, Gottfr. Link BCA BRG55-4-3
Details (Scanned) Becker, H.-Bers Link BCA BRG55-4-4
Details (Scanned) Bert-Bl Link BCA BRG55-4-5
Details (Scanned) Bo-Bov Link BCA BRG55-4-6
Details (Scanned) Bow-Bri Link BCA BRG55-4-7
Details (Scanned) Bro-Bunn Link BCA BRG55-4-8
Details (Scanned) Buns-Ch Link BCA BRG55-4-9
Details (Scanned) Ci-Dan Link BCA BRG55-4-10
Details (Scanned) Dar-Dier Link BCA BRG55-4-11
Details (Scanned) Dies-Drek Link BCA BRG55-4-12
Details (Scanned) Drel-Eh Link BCA BRG55-4-13
Details (Scanned) Ei-Er Link BCA BRG55-4-14
Details (Scanned) Es-Fini Link BCA BRG55-4-15
Details Fink-Fram Link BCA BRG55-4-16
Details Fran-Fuchs, R. Link BCA BRG55-4-17
Details Fuchs, S.-Gen Link BCA BRG55-4-18
Details Geo-Goo Link BCA BRG55-4-19
Details Gop-Gross C. Link BCA BRG55-4-20
Details Gross M.-Haf Link BCA BRG55-4-21
Details Hag-Hartl Link BCA BRG55-4-22
Details Hartm-Heh Link BCA BRG55-4-23
Details Hei-Heni Link BCA BRG55-4-24
Details Henk-Hew Link BCA BRG55-4-25
Details Hey-Hoff Link BCA BRG55-4-26
Details Hofh-How Link BCA BRG55-4-27
Details Hox-Iv Link BCA BRG55-4-28
Details Ja-Jw Link BCA BRG55-4-29
Details Ka-Kek Link BCA BRG55-4-30
Details Kel-Ki Link BCA BRG55-4-31
Details Kl-Knol Link BCA BRG55-4-32
Details Knom-Korm Link BCA BRG55-4-33
Details Korn-Kret Link BCA BRG55-4-34
Details Kreu-Kuh Link BCA BRG55-4-35
Details Kui-Lang Link BCA BRG55-4-36
Details Lanh-Lev Link BCA BRG55-4-37
Details Lew-Lot Link BCA BRG55-4-38
Details Lou-Mam Link BCA BRG55-4-39
Details Man-McC Link BCA BRG55-4-40
Details McD-Men Link BCA BRG55-4-41
Details Mer-Mik Link BCA BRG55-4-42
Details Mil-Mug Link BCA BRG55-4-43
Details Muh-Mus Link BCA BRG55-4-44
Details Mut-Nil Link BCA BRG55-4-45
Details Nim-Oos Link BCA BRG55-4-46
Details Opd-Pes Link BCA BRG55-4-47
Details Pet-Pon Link BCA BRG55-4-48
Details Poo-Ral Link BCA BRG55-4-49
Details Ram-Rei Link BCA BRG55-4-50
Details Rej-Rodd Link BCA BRG55-4-51
Details Rode-Ruc Link BCA BRG55-4-52
Details Rud-San Link BCA BRG55-4-53
Details Sap-Schep Link BCA BRG55-4-54
Details Scher-Schmidt, C. Link BCA BRG55-4-55
Details Schmidt, D.-Schnei Link BCA BRG55-4-56
Details Schnel-Schub Link BCA BRG55-4-57
Details Schuc-Schwei Link BCA BRG55-4-58
Details Schwek-Sieb Link BCA BRG55-4-59
Details Siec-Spei Link BCA BRG55-4-60
Details Spel-Steini Link BCA BRG55-4-61
Details Steink-Stre Link BCA BRG55-4-62
Details Stri-Ten Link BCA BRG55-4-63
Details Tep-Trau Link BCA BRG55-4-64
Details Trav-Vet Link BCA BRG55-4-65
Details Vex-Wah Link BCA BRG55-4-66
Details Wai-Weh Link BCA BRG55-4-67
Details Wei-Wesse Link BCA BRG55-4-68
Details Wessl-Wilso Link BCA BRG55-4-69
Details Wilst-Wol Link BCA BRG55-4-70
Details Wom-Zie Link BCA BRG55-4-71